No Contract Broadband Plans

No-contract plans are simply a broadband plan without a contract. These plans can also be called a 1-month, or month-to-month contract. If you don’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract, or don’t know how long you will be living at your current address, this type of broadband plan could be what you are looking for.

These days ADSL and ADSL2+ plans are usually on month-to-month, 6-month, 12-month, 18-month, or 24-month contract periods. You should be aware shorter contracts often have higher set-up and modem fees when compared with longer plans where broadband providers are often willing to make discounts. However, this isn't always the case, so it’s worth calling around to see who has the best deal.

Not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do no-contract plans, and if one does, you still need to ask about cancellations fees. Some “no-contract” plans come with a cancellation fee if you leave in the first 6 months. If you are on a short rental lease, or you just want to try out a service to see if you like it, no-contract plans are a good option.

No-contract plans are much more common with Mobile Wireless broadband internet. This is where you have a small USB modem, and the internet is received via a mobile phone tower’s 3G signal. It’s much cheaper to set-up a Mobile Wireless plan than with ADSL, but the internet is slower, data limits are much smaller, and signals can drop out just like a mobile phone’s reception.

Longer broadband contracts often have large cancellation fees attached if you leave the service early. These fees can be up to $300 or more. A no-contract plan ensures you won’t be caught in a plan you don’t like, you have the freedom to leave when you like, and if new deals come out you can jump ship and grab them.