Seven to Build 20MBPS Wireless Network in Perth

The Seven Network  has revealed its plans to build a $50 million WiMax-based 4G network in Perth, due for completion before March 2010. The 4-G network will deliver speeds up to 4000kbps on average but will be able to reach super fast speeds up to 20,000kbps depending on the users location and network availability.
The network will be built by a Seven subsidiary, Unwired and will use up to 150 base stations around Perth. According to Vivid Wireless' newly appointed chief executive officer and former Telstra executive, Martin Mercer the new 4G service would be available to the entire Perth metropolitan area. The construction and maintenance of the network will require a team of around 50 workers.

As yet the company won’t reveal the cost of a wireless broadband subscription on the 4G network but Mr Mercer said the broadband plans would be competitive when compared to existing fixed line ADSL, ADSL2+, and Naked DSL services, and cheaper than existing Mobile Broadband plans.

The company will build its own infrastructure and won’t have to rely on existing networks used by the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone 3G mobile broadband networks.
Executive chairman of Seven, Kerry Stokes, said he believes in 4G because it  provides new infrastructure and the ability to deliver new and competing telecommunications, data and content services.