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Home Phone Call Rates

Local Calls: 25¢ per call
National Calls: 25¢ per minute^ (plus 39¢ call connection)
National Cap: Capped at $2 up to 20 minutes per call, per minutes National Call rates thereafter^

Mobile Calls: 39¢ per minute^ (plus 39¢ call connection)
Mobile Cap: Capped at $2.48 up to 20 minutes per call, per minutes Mobile Call rates thereafter^

International Calls: Call 1300 106 571 for specific Country Call Rates

13/1300 Calls: 30¢ per call
18/1800 Calls: Free
19/1900 Calls: Not supported
Dir Assistance - 1223: $1.10 per call
Speaking Clock - 1194: 40¢ per call
TPG 13 14 23: Free

^ Charged per 30 second block or part thereof

Other Home Phone Services & Features

TPG provide the following Home Phone services and features:

Call Barring: Allows you to restrict certain call types that can be dialed from your home phone. (Free)
Number Display / Number Block: Select whether you would like your caller identity blocked or displayed when calling other parties. (Free)
Call Waiting: Notifies you of an incoming call on your home phone while you are already on a call. You can place your call on hold to answer the incoming call. (Free)
Call Forwarding: Allows you to divert calls from your home phone number to a different number. (Standard call rates apply to forwarded calls)
Caller ID: Allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you on your home phone service (Only applicable on phones that supports Caller ID). (Free)

Rates correct as of 20/09/16. At time of purchase rates should be confirmed with the provider.