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If you already have a home phone with another carrier and you just need a simple broadband plan, Dodo has some dirt cheap ADSL2+ offers on short or longer term contracts. If you don’t want a home phone at all, you should look at Dodo’s Naked DSL plans.

See all Dodo ADSL2+ broadband plans here, or call Dodo on 1300 136 793. You can also request a callback from Dodo by filling out a form here.

Speed and availability

The plans are subject to availability, and this will depend on your address. The speed will also depend on your location; while ADSL2+ speeds have a theoretical maximum of 24,000Kbps, your actual speed will depend on things like the distance your property is from the exchange, the hardware you’re using and the internet traffic.

The plans

Offers are also available with a Dodo home phone for an extra $30 per month (add this cost to the prices listed below).

ADSL2+ 20GB: $19.90 (max: $59.90) 5GB + 15GB
ADSL2+ 100GB: $29.90 (max 59.90) 30GB + 70 GB
ADSL2+ 3TB: $39.85 (no peak or off peak)
ADSL2+ Unlimited: $39.90 (no peak or off peak)

Exceeding your data

On-peak times are 1:00pm to 12:59am and Off-peak are 1:00am to 12:59pm.

The 20GB and 100GB plans have a maximum spend of $59.90; this means that if you exceed your peak or off peak data allowance, Dodo will charge 10c per MB until you reach that maximum monthly charge (similar to a cap). Once this occurs, you will be unable to use your broadband service until the new billing cycle begins, or if you purchase an additional data block to see you through for the rest of the month.

Contract lengths and additional features

The following contract terms are available:

No term: free set-up
12-month contract: $69 set-up fee
24-month contract: $99 set-up fee

A modem is included in Dodo’s ADSL2+ broadband plans, however a $24.90 delivery fee applies.

Dodo includes a free backup dial-up account with your broadband service, along with a free static IP address and 30MB of web space. An anti spam service is available for an extra $1.90 per month.

Call Dodo on 1300 136 793 to sign-up now to one of their ADSL2+ broadband plans.

Other providers offering cheap and fast ADSL2+ broadband include TPG (1300 106 571), Optus (1300 137 897) and iPrimus (1300 137 794).

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