• Dodo offers phone and broadband from $9.90 a month
  • No need for line rental
  • Mobile broadband service not as fast or as stable as ADSL2+

Dodo continues its drive for ultra cheap broadband with its latest product, the Buddy Box.

For just $9.90 a month, Dodo offers a home phone and broadband bundle, with no line rental to pay. Given that the cheapest home phone and broadband bundles on the market cost around four times this price, this figure appears unbelievably cheap.

It is a genuine offer but it's not entirely fair to compare it to other home phone and broadband bundles.

Dodo is offering a phone service plus broadband over a mobile broadband connection. This means voice calls are made on the mobile phone network and the internet connection service itself is over the 3G mobile network.

This is why there is no need for a land line and therefore line rental.

Give Dodo a call on 1300 136 793 for more information on the Buddy Box.

What's included?

For $9.90 a month, Dodo offers $10 of calls and 50MB of data in the peak time, and up to 100MB of data in the off peak (100MB is the maximum you can use in the month). If you need more calls, Dodo offers a range of plans with up to $100 of call credit per month available (the data is the same for each plan).

On the other hand, if you need more data, Dodo has additional data packs to add onto your plan, up to 10GB peak and up to 20GB off peak (20GB is the maximum) for $60 a month.

Excess usage is charged at $10 per GB and is charged in 1GB lots. There is a data transfer limit per billing cycle between 20GB and 40GB based on peak/off-peak usage.

The Buddy Box is not included and costs $179 on a 0-month contract, $99 on a 12-month contract, $49 on a 24-month contract and free on a 36-month contract.

As this is a mobile broadband plan, you can disconnect the 3G modem and take it with you outside the home - and the home phone will remain connected.

Call charges

Local calls untimed
Standard National calls – 29c for the first 5 minutes then 19c per minute
Standard Australian Mobile calls – 29c per minute (plus 29c flagfall) – charged per minute
Standard 13/1300 calls – 30c untimed
1800 calls – No charge

Mobile broadband

Broadband over the 3G network can work well but it is not as fast as ADSL or ADSL2+ connections, which are through the phone line. This can affect the quality of your calls and lead to slow web browsing.

If you are looking for a stable, fast connection, it is a better option to pay line rental and go for an ADSL or ADSL2+home phone and broadband plan instead.

However, for a plug-in-and-go broadband and phone service in one, the Buddy Box could be very useful, especially for people who live or work in several places but want one plan.

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