Dodo Mobile broadband plans

Dodo internet offers a range of mobile broadband plans for eligible Australian consumers. All Dodo mobile broadband plans are available on a 24-month or no contract basis.

Dodo Mobile broadband plan Speeds

Dodo mobile broadband offers fast broadband speed up to 1500kbps. Actual speeds received will depend on your current location and the network availability in your area. Speeds will decrease as you move away from metropolitan areas.

Dodo Mobile broadband plan Coverage

Dodo mobile broadband coverage extends over most metropolitan and some regional areas. You will need to check the coverage in your area before signing up to a mobile broadband plan.

Dodo Mobile broadband Plans

On a 24 month contract Dodo offer new customers a 100MB mobile broadband plan for $4.99 am month, a 1GB plan for $17.99, a 2GB plan for $24.99, a 3GB plan for $34.90, a 6GB plan for $39.99 and an 8GB plan for $59.90 a month. When bundled with a Dodo home phone plan a $5 monthly discount applies.

Without a contract Dodo mobile broadband customers receive 50MB of monthly download for $9.99, 500MB for 17.99, 1 GB for $24.99, 1.5GB for $34.99, 3GB for $44.99 and 4GB of monthly download for $59.90 a month. A $5 a month discount also applies for Dodo home phone customers when signing up to a mobile broadband plan.

Dodo also offer a range of pre-paid mobile broadband plans. For $10 a you will received 250MB of data, for $20 you receive 1Gb of data, for $40 you receive 3Gb of data, for $70 you receive 7Gb of data, for $99 you receive 10Gb of data and for $139 you receive 15GB of data. Data expires between 30 and 365 days, depending on the top up purchased.

Dodo Mobile broadband plan Modems

A dodo mobile broadband starter pack including a #g HSDPA USB modem and Dodo post paid sim card are available to Dodo mobile broadband customers for an additional one-off fee of $149.00. The USB modem can be picked up from Dodo in Melbourne or posted to you for $24.90.

If you already have a mobile broadband modem a Dodo Sim card is available for free on any Dodo mobile broadband plan.

Dodo Mobile broadband plan Excess usage

Dodo mobile broadband users pay an additional usage fee of 10 cents per excess MB and this will need to be considered when choosing the right monthly download limit for you.

Dodo Mobile broadband plan Special offers

When signing up to a Dodo Mobile broadband plan on a 24 month contract you will receive double the amount of included monthly data usage. When also subscribing to a Dodo home phone plan, Dodo mobile broadband customers receive a $5 discount off their monthly mobile broadband cost.

Dodo also offer a Netbook and Mobile Broadband offer with an 7” Asus EeePC Netbook, a 3GB USB modem and a 2GB a month mobile broadband account for only $39.99 a month on a 24 month contract.

You can compare Dodo mobile broadband offers with available Mobile Broadband plans from major Australian providers at Compare Broadband