• Dodo bundle internet, home phone, mobile phone, gas, and electricity
  • Great prices, controversial customer service
  • Customer satisfaction has risen in recent months

Dodo is a unique Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Australia, with more colour in its branding than most of its competition. Dodo also stands out for bundling internet services with not only home and mobile phone services, but gas and electricity too.

Dodo's best plan: Unlimited broadband with no contracts

Opinion is divided on Dodo. Teething troubles in setting up customer service and billing processes led to poor satisfaction levels in the early days. But Dodo tackled these issues head on and this is reflected in the steadily rising satisfaction levels over the last year.

In fact, while customer satisfaction has fallen for most ISPs, Dodo has soared from 59% back in the June to November quarter of 2010, to 70% in the December 2010 to May 2011 quarter, according to Roy Morgan Research.

ADSL2+ price

Like most ISPs, Dodo offers different prices depending on whether customers live in a metro or regional area. Prices for both types of plans are very competitive.

For very light users, Dodo has a plan that is hard to beat: 5GB for free when you sign up for a $29.90 home phone line (metro regions only). Although this plan is split 2.5GB in the peak, 2.5GB in the off peak, it's hard to argue with these prices.

This is an ideal plan for someone who needs to move beyond dial-up, but who really only wants a connection to check emails, pay bills and read a few news sites. It's available on a month-to-month contract, with a $99 set-up fee, so no commitment either.

Spintel has a similar plan, with 20GB free when you sign up for a $39.95 phone line.  Call Spintel on 1300 106 571 for more details.

On the other end of the scale, Dodo is one of the few ISPs in Australia to offer an unlimited plan, with no shaping and no excess charges. Dodo offers a cheap standalone unlimited plan at $39.90 on a 0 month or 24-month contract, which means customers can keep their phone service with their current provider.

This plan has been beaten on price by Club Telco recently. Club Telco is offering an unlimited broadband plan for $25.

It's important to note that Dodo charges fees to customers who exceed their data limits. While there is a cap on how much extra Dodo will charge in a month, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your usage.


Mobile Broadband price

Dodo leads the way in special offers on mobile broadband, and often has an tempting bundle deal available. Dodo's offer of a free Pendo Pad (an Android powered, 7" touchscreen tablet) when bundled with a $9.90 mobile broadband plan on a 24-month contract has proved very popular.  Dodo also offers a solution to light users who don't want to pay for a phone line but do want a phone number and the ability to make the occasional call: the Buddy Box wireless phone.

Dodo also offers one of the cheapest mobile broadband plans in Australia: $6.90 for 1GB a month.

Customer Service

As already mentioned, Dodo's reputation for customer service took a hit before the company improved its processes and invested in more call centre staff. While 80% of call centre staff are based overseas, the customer service experience is vastly improved, as demonstrated by Dodo's rise in customer satisfaction ratings. Dodo is now ahead of 3 and Vodafone and just behind Telstra in terms of customer satisfaction.

For a value ISP, customer satisfaction now appears to be reasonably high.

Who is Dodo suited to?

Dodo has a lot of plans on offer, including ADSL2+, ADSL, standalone, bundle, Naked and mobile broadband. Everyone from very light users to very heavy users are catered for. While Dodo is often the first choice for price-conscious customers, good customer service is not ignored.

See Dodo plans, or call Dodo on 1300 136 793 for more details on plans and availability in your area.