• Engin offer economical broadband and home phone plans
  • Especial focus on VoIP phone services
  • Bundle your VoIP service with your internet

Engin has been providing VoIP services to small businesses and residential customers since 2004. While the company offers economical broadband plans and traditional home phone packages as well, their focus is on VoIP phone services.

Engin offers customers the choice to keep their home phone/VoIP service separate, or for more included value, you can bundle your phone service together with your broadband. In terms of broadband, they offer ADSL2+ and Naked DSL.

If you do a medium-heavy amount of uploading, you’ll be pleased to know Engin offers unmetered uploading. There are no excess usage charges, downloads speeds are slowed to a speed of 256Kbps. They also offer “Afterburners,” which allow you to purchase extra data to use for the remainder of the month if you have exceeded your data limit.

Because Engin specialises in VoIP plans, they also offer a range of equipment which can be used with the service. Engin don’t support phone number portability.

Time to activate:
Naked broadband takes approximately 10-20 working days to connect.

Peak times:
Peak hours: 8am-12am, otherwise most plans offer data to be used at anytime.
Off peak hours: 12am-8am

Tech support:
8am-9pm Monday-Friday
9am-3pm Saturday

Upgrade/Downgrade fee:
If you upgrade your plan, there is no charge. Customers who downgrade will be charged a fee of $40.

Cost of initial set-up:
Set-up fees differ depending on the package, and whether the customer is signing up on a month-by-month or 24-month contract.24-month contracts cost $0-$49, while month-by-month contracts range from $69-$149.

Contract lengths:
Plans are available on a month-by-month or 24-month contract. 24-month contracts have lower or free set-up fees, and come with modem/VoIP hardware at no extra cost.


ADSL2+ modem/wireless router with four ports: $99 (Linksys WAG120N modem)
ADSL2+ modem/wireless router with four ports: $49 (Netcomm NB6Plus4 modem)

Cancellation fees:
No contract: no cancellation fee
24 months: disconnection fees range from $15-$20 x number of months remaining on contract.


Engin sends an e-mail invoice on your billing date each month. Your bill is automatically charged to the credit card you provided when you signed up with Engin. If you need a paper copy you can print out the e-mail invoice.

Other frequently asked questions about Engin’s broadband service:

What are the shaping speeds on ADSL plans?
Customers will be shaped to 256Kbps once they have exceeded their data limit.

Can I relocate my home phone and/or broadband plan with Engin?

If you need to relocate your broadband service you may need to pay a fee of $75.

Is there an Engin VoIP service?
Yes, Engin specialises in VoIP services. They are available as a standalone product, or customers can bundle their VoIP service with a broadband plan. Engin can supply all the equipment which is needed for a VoIP phone.