Engin increases data limits on ADSL2+ home phone bundles

To stay in line with competition in the increasingly cutthroat Australian ADSL2+ marketplace, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Engin has boosted download quotas  for both its home phone bundles and VoIP bundle plans.

Engin has made a name for itself in the ADSL2+ broadband industry by offering great bundle deals including free local and national calls (either on a landline or via VoIP). Engin also has plans offering free calls to mobile phones and even to selected international countries. Here are some of Engin’s recently announced ADSL2+ bundles:

Engin Landline Ignition ADSL2+ bundle plans:

Engin’s Landline Ignition ADSL2+ bundle plans are traditional landline and broadband bundles. There are five different plans you can choose from, and all offer free unlimited local calls, free uploads (only downloads are counted towards your monthly data quota), plus there is the ability to top up your monthly data if you reach your limit and don’t want the speed to slow down.

Engin Landline Ignition 49 ADSL2+ bundle:

The Landline Ignition 49 ADSL2+ bundle comes with 5GB, so it is a good entry-level plan. National calls cost 17cents/min, mobile calls 35cents/min, and you’ll receive a free 4-port ADSL2+ modem on the 24-month contract. Your monthly cost is $49, and the one-off contract set-up fee is $79.

Engin Landline Ignition 69 ADSL2+ bundle:

The Landline Ignition 69 ADSL2+ bundle is the same as the Ignition 49 plan, except you get 15GB to use any time you like, and you get unlimited national calls as well as unlimited local calls. As the name suggests the monthly fee is $69.

Engin Landline Ignition 79 ADSL2+ bundle:

The Landline Ignition 79 ADSL2+ bundle plan is identical to the Ignition 69 offer except you get 30GB of download data to use, and you pay an extra $10 per month ($79).

Engin Landline Ignition 99 ADSL2+ bundle:

The Landline Ignition 99 ADSL2+ bundle plan is a great overall bundle, as you get unlimited local, national and calls to mobiles, plus a hefty 60GB download limit for $99 per month. You’re provided with a free Wi-Fi 4-port modem on the 24-month contract, and the contract set-up fee is $0.

This plan is even better than the popular Optus Fusion plan, which also costs $99 per month, as the Optus plan only comes with 50GB, and with Optus both uploads and downloads are counted towards your monthly quota.

Engin Landline Ignition 119 ADSL2+ bundle:

The Landline Ignition 119 ADSL2+ bundle plan is identical to the previous Ignition 99 plan, but it offers 80GB per month and costs $119.

Engin allows its customers to purchase $5 ‘Afterburners’, which are 2GB data packs you can use if you reach your monthly download quota too early. You can also boost your quota any time you like throughout the monthly billing period.

Engin VoIP Ignition ADSL2+ plans:

Engin has made a name for itself in the area of VoIP calls, and these plans can be purchased as a Naked DSL service, or with an active phone line attached for an extra $20 per month. You have options of either a 24-month contract, or a month-to-month contract on Engin VoIP Ignition plans.

Engin VoIP Ignition 69 ADSL2+ plan:

This plan offers 25GB a month for $69 and comes with unlimited local and national VoIP calls. VoIP calls to mobile phones are charged at 22 cents/minute.

An exciting new additional aspect to this group of plans is unlimited free VoIP calls to 8 different international countries’ landline telephones: Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and USA. You can also call 13 other countries for a flat fee of 20 cents (untimed), including China, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

If you get this plan on a 24-month contract you’ll receive a free ADSL2+ 4-port modem and an Engin Voicebox for VoIP calls. Set-up costs $79. However, if you get this plan on a month-to-month contract you’ll have to buy the modem and Voicebox outright, and pay a $99 set-up fee.

Engin VoIP Ignition 89 ADSL2+ plan:

This plan is identical to the VoIP Ignition 69 offer, but it also includes unlimited calls to mobiles, and 60GB of download data for $89 a month.

Engin VoIP Ignition 109 ADSL2+ plan:

This plan is exactly the same as the VoIP Ignition 89 offer, except you get 80GB, and the set-up fee is $0 on the 24-month contract.

Remember, if you want a landline phone to fall back on if your broadband does go down and you can’t use VoIP (this should not happen often), you’ll need to already have a phone service when signing up. You can then pay $20 per month on top of your ADSL2+ VoIP Ignition plan cost for an Engin landline rental.