• Greta deals on international calls
  • Good value ADSL2+ Broadband
  • Bundle and Save

Engin is one of Australia’s largest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network providers. This means they provide telephone voice services over the internet, rather than as a traditional point-to-point telephone service. This allows them to offer great value deals on STD calls, calls to mobiles and international calls – traditionally these calls cost more because of the distance the signal has to carry, or because of expensive switching fees. But by using the internet, calls are no longer restricted by geography.


Mix and Match Broadband

To offer an all-in-one solution, Engin can provide a reasonably priced broadband connection, to facilitate your use of their VoIP service. Their plans are uniform regardless of location. The most popular plans are:

Standard – 40GB (20 peak / 20 offpeak) $64.95/month

Ultra – 80GB data (40 peak / 40 offpeak) $74.95/month

Wi-Fi Modem and VoIP handset converter (Voicebox)provided free on 24 month contract; $149 with no contract


All plans includes a free VoIP service with all landline calls for free (including STD), mobile calls at 22c/min.

With these sorts of plans, you can certainly mix and match different VoIP plans for greater value (and broadband plans as well). The most amazing plan being the $24.95 Unlimited plan, with unlimited calls to local, STD, mobiles and international landlines to Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, China, India, NZ, Italy, Vietnam, Phillipines and South Africa.

Ignition Bundles

This is where things get really interesting. If you live within a metro area, you can start to really make some savings with one of their Ignition Bundles.

Ignition 89 ($89) comes with 300GB of data (no peak or offpeak), unlimited landline calls, unlimited mobile calls, free modem and VoIP handset converter on a 24 month contract – but the connection fee and hardware package is only $99 with no contract. That’s hugely competitive: even budget broadband providers like TPG have minimum 6 month contracts and charge $230 for connection and modem.

VoIP Only

If you’re already happy with your current broadband provider (for instance, if you’re with TPG or iPrimus on an Unlimited Plan, and want to keep it that way, or you’re on Cable) then you can just get a standalone VoIP service from Engin.

The starter plan is $9.95, and includes free calls to other Engin customers, 10c untimed calls to Local and STD numbers, and 27c per minutes to Mobiles. International rates start from 1.9c per minute.

At the other end of the scale, The Engin Unlimited $39.90 plan includes free calls to Local and STD landlines, mobiles and international calls to the same 15 countries listed above. This is excellent for a small or home office.

Special Features

Common protocols like caller ID, conference calling, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail and more are included as standard with all plans.

Engin offers an iPhone App that allows you to use the 3G or 4G data connection on your phone to be contacted via your Engin VoIP number. This is similar to services like Skype or Viber – but allows you to be contactable at either number, anywhere! The app is $4.95 and the ongoing monthly fee is just $1.95.


Engin’s plans are a little different to the rest of the market, with most of the value tipped towards their exceptional VoIP services. As a standalone broadband provider, they’re not as competitive as providers like TPG; but when combining their VoIP services as a landline replacement, their Ignition Bundles are truly exceptional. Options for a 0 month contract with well priced setup and hardware fees make Engin one of the few proper replacement options for a traditional landline + internet service.