Exetel emerged from a technology consulting company in the 1990’s to become a provider of broadband and telephony services. Exetel connected its first ADSL1 customer in January 2004. Exetel has a growing customer base of over 90,000 and is set to continue to improve the range of services and areas covered by the Exetel network.

Exetel has a good range of plans with ADSL1 speeds at a maximum of 8192kbps. ADSL2+ pushes speeds to the highest available on current infrastructure (approx 24,000kbps). Installation fees vary depending on the plan and customers will need to purchase a modem if they don't already own one.

Excess usage charges apply on plans at $1 per gigabyte. Extras include up to 20 email addresses and 200MB of website storage with each account. Exetel offers phone line rental to ADSL2+ customers only. You will need to already have an active phone line with another carrier before you can connect an Exetel home phone service.

Time to activate:
ADSL1/ADSL2+/ Naked – around 4-7 working days

On Peak times:
There are no peak/off peak time restrictions.

Cost of Initial Set-up:
Set-up fees range from $0 (fast transfer) up to $95, depending on which plan you sign up to.

Contract Lengths: 
6-12 months, depending on the broadband plan.

Hardware Offered: 
Netcomm 1-port Ethernet (ADSL2 ready) $60
Netcomm 4-port Ethernet and wireless (ADSL2+ ready) $100
Dynalink 4 port Ethernet and wireless with VOIP $155

There is a $15 delivery charge for all modems.

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Services Offered:
Naked DSL      
Home phone

Tech Support: 8.30am – 11pm
VoIP: Cannot keep an existing number.
No. Of Emails/ Webspace:  20 Emails,  200 megabytes web hosting
Cancellation Cost: $100 within contract period
Relocation: takes up to 7 days, incurs the $100 cancellation fee if within contract and a $88 fee for setting up the new connection.  Can move to another Exetel plan with the same speed within contract for free, otherwise $25 fee.

Frequently asked questions about Exetel broadband services:

What services do Exetel offer?
Exetel offers both ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband connections. Exetel has recently introduced a Naked DSL option meaning you no longer need to pay line rental and can have ADSL2+ without a home phone line. You will need an active Telstra phone line prior to applying for Naked DSL. Exetel also offers VoIP and home phone line services.

What methods of payment does Exetel offer?

Payment is through direct debit only, either with a credit card or through a bank account by providing your BSB and account number. Credit cards incur a $1.10 surcharge each month.

Exetel does not offer paper billing, instead offering a .pdf electronic bill.

How long will it take to connect a broadband ADSL1 or ADSL2+ service with Exetel?

Connections to Exetel ADSL1 generally takes 4 working days. Connections to ADSL2+ or Naked broadband takes around 10 days.

Does Exetel offer home phone services?

Exetel offers home phone plans with ADSL2+ connections. Local calls are charged at 18c/call and national calls are charged at 6c/min. Mobile calls are charged at 27c/min. There are home phone plans which include unlimited local and national calls.

What are the peak and off peak times with Exetel broadband plans?
Exetel has removed peak and off peak time restrictions, so you can use your data whenever you need to.

Does Exetel offer web space with its broadband internet plans?

Exetel offers 200MB of web space for broadband subscribers.

What will it cost if I cancel my Exetel broadband while still in contract?

If you decide to cancel an Exetel broadband provision within the contract period there is a $100 early cancellation charge.

You can move to a higher Exetel plan within your contract period for free. If you move to a lower plan you will be charged $25.

Will I have to pay a relocation fee if I move house during my Exetel contract period?

If you move house within your contract period there is a $100 early cancellation charge.
There is also an $88 charge for setting up the connection at your new house. The relocation process can take up to 7 days.

What is the Exetel VoIP plan?

Exetel only offers VoIP services to existing customers. They offer a VoIP bundle option on existing ADSL1 1500kbps plans and ADSL2+ plans in Australian capital cities.

VoIP call costs are: 10c untimed national calls, 22c/min mobile calls and free 1800 calls.
You require a VoIP enabled router to connect to an Exetel VoIP plan.

What are the contract lengths of Exetel ADSL1 and ADSL2+ broadband plans?

Contract lengths are either six months or 12 months, depending on which plan you sign up to.

What modem will I need on an Exetel broadband connection?

You can bring your existing modem to Exetel or purchase one of their supported modems.
Depending on your home computing needs, the following ADSL2+ compatible modems are available:

For a single computer connecting via an Ethernet cable Exetel offers the Netcomm 1-port Ethernet ADSL2+ ready modem for $60.

If you require a wireless connection to connect a laptop or a PC with a compatible wireless card the Netcomm 4-port ethernet and wireless modem is available for $100.

For VoIP services the Dynalink 4 port Ethernet and wireless modem allows for the provision of a VoIP service as well as wireless and 4 ethernet connection for $165.

There is a $15 delivery fee for all modems.

How long will a mobile (HSPA) broadband Modem take to be delivered?

It will take 3-4 working days for a HSPA mobile broadband modem to be delivered.

Can I ring 000 emergency numbers from a VoIP line?


Can I port my existing number to my new VoIP service?

In most cases for a $15 porting fee the number can be re-assigned to your VoIP service, however it won’t be possible if the existing number is locked by the network (like Optus) or the details for the telephone invoice and name on the bill do not match.

Will I be able to plug my current phone into the VoIP enabled modem router?

You can only plug an analogue phone into the VoIP enabled router as the plug/socket is an RJ11 port.

Can I bar international calls on the phone service?

Yes you can bar outgoing international calls on an Exetel PSTN phone service.

What happens if there is a Pair-Gain problem?

If a customer is on a pair-gain, they will be unable to get ADSL2+, but may still be able to get an ADSL1 service. Exetel will notify the customer if there is an issue with their infrastructure.