Exetel launches $35 ADSL1 plan

Exetel has launched a new $35 ADSL1 plan with a 10GB peak download limit, which is ideal for light users looking for a low-cost broadband plan.

The plan is available on a 512kbps download speed, or the faster 1500kbps speed.

On the 512kbps plan, subscribers can download 10GB on peak and a generous 60GB off peak. Alternatively, customers can choose the faster 1500kbps plan with 10GB on peak and 10GB off peak.

The line activation charge is $90 and the contract is for six months. If you are transferring your ADSL1 service from another internet service provider, the activation charge falls to $25.

For customers who cannot access ADSL2+, this ADSL1 plan is a good value alternative.

The faster plan would suit people who want to browse the internet during the day and make VoIP calls or stream video.

However, customers who are happy to schedule their downloads to the off-peak hours and don't mind a slower speed, could take advantage of the 512kbps plan.

The standard setting for both of these options is shaped, although customers do get the opportunity to switch to pay for excess, at just 50c per GB.

Once shaped on Exetel, you may continue downloading at a slowed speed up to a level of 50% of your plan's included downloads. After reaching that limit, your access is blocked until midnight on the first day of the next month.

Alternative broadband providers for light users on ADSL1 include iPrimus, which offers 20GB on 1500kbps for $49.95 and Netspace, which has a plan for $49.95 a month with 15GB at 1500kbps.