Exetel offers mobile broadband to eligible subscribers on the Optus mobile network. This means Exetel customers can enjoy the high speeds and extensive coverage of the Optus mobile network with affordable Exetel mobile broadband plans. All Exetel mobile broadband plans are available on a 24 contract or without a contract.

Exetel Mobile broadband plan Speeds

While the theoretical speed possible is 7.2 mbps down, speeds are dependent on many factors but it is likely that most users will get practical download speeds around 200kbps under ideal conditions.
The actual speed you receive on an Exetel mobile broadband plan will depend on your location and the network conditions in your area.

Exetel Mobile broadband plan Coverage

As Exetel mobile broadband uses the Optus network they can offer extensive coverage in most metropolitan and some regional centres.

You will need to check the coverage in your area before applying for an Exetel mobile broadband plan.

Exetel Mobile broadband plans

Exetel has a range of post paid and pre-paid mobile broadband plans, depending on your download usage needs.

On a HSPA WI A there is no included data, instead Exetel customers pay 1.5 cents per Mb of usage.

On a HSPA WI B Exetel mobile broadband plan you will receive 1GB on data for $17.50 a month.
With the HSPA WI C Exetel mobile broadband plan you will receive 2GB of monthly download for $22.50 a month.

The Exetel HSPA WI D mobile broadband plan offers 5 GB of data for $37.50 per month.

Exetel also offers a range of pre-paid mobile broadband plans where you can purchase the amount of download usage you need without entering in to a contract.

Exetel Mobile broadband plan Modems

The Exetel HSPA service requires the use of an Optus supplied sim card plus a USB device to connect the sim card to the Optus/Exetel network.

Exetel provides both the sim card and a Huawei E1762 mobile broadband modem at a cost of $145.00 without a contract or for free on a 24 month mobile broadband contract.
If you already have a mobile broadband modem,  you can simply buy the sim card for a one off charge of $25.00 including delivery.

Exetel Mobile broadband plan Excess usage

On most Exetel Mobile broadband post-paid plans a 5 cents per excess MB usage charge applies when you download more than your monthly download usage quota.

On the Exetel HSPA WI A plan a 1.5 cent per MB usage charge applies as there is no included monthly download quota.
Exetel Mobile broadband Special offers

All Exetel Mobile broadband customers receive a free email address as well as access to Exetel’s customer website where you can track your usage or ‘top up’ your mobile broadband data allowance.
You can browse and compare Exetel mobile broadband plans as well as Mobile Broadband plans from other major Australian internet service providers at Compare Broadband.