Most Australians do not yet have access to fibre optic broadband, and it may be some years before many of us do. However, for those lucky enough to have fibre optic broadband access, and for those who are just curious, we have provided the fibre broadband plans available through Exetel.

Which other providers offer fibre optic broadband plans?

So far, Exetel, Internode, iPrimus, and iiNet have released fibre optic internet plans. Both Telstra and Dodo have committed to releasing plans in the future.


Exetel offers different plans for customers in Tasmania, Point Cook and for the first release sites in New South Wales and Victoria. In each of these regions, customers have a choice between three different plans. All plans have a contract length of 12 months.

Exetel provide the super fast broadband via Opticomm (NSW and Vic) and Telstra (Tasmania).

Plans can be read as: plan title, monthly access fee, downloads/uploads, price per gigabyte. Uploads are not charged.

How long does it take to activate an Exetel fibre optic service?

It will take one to three working days depending on which hardware has already been installed at the property.

The Plans

Customers in eligible sites in Tasmania have a choice between three plans:

A: $0 monthly fee, 25mbps/2mbps, $2/GB
B: $25 monthly fee, 50mbps/4mbps, $1/GB
C: $50 monthly fee, 100mbps/8mbps, $0.75/GB

Customers in eligible sites in Point Cook have a choice between three plans:

TELA: $35 monthly fee, 8mbps/384kbps, $0.50/GB
TELB: $50 monthly fee, 30mbps/1mbps, $0.50/GB
TELC: $70 monthly fee, 100mbps/5mbps, $0.50/GB

Customers in eligible sites in NSW/VIC have a choice between three plans:

OCMA: $25 monthly fee, 25mbps/2mbps, $0.50/GB
OCMB: $40 monthly fee, 50mbps/4mbps, $0.50/GB
OCMC: $60 monthly fee, 100mbps/8mbps, $0.50/GB