iiNet is offering fibre plans to Point Cook, Victoria (Alamanda Estate) and University Hills, Victoria (Bundoora). These plans offer super fast speeds which are currently only available to a limited number of Australians.

Customers have a choice between a no fixed-term contract and a 24-month contract. A no fixed-term contract incurs a $159 setup fee, while a 24-month contract incurs a $79 setup fee.

While there is a $39 plan downgrade fee, there is no extra charge to upgrade. If you cancel your plan you won’t need to pay out your contract. iiNet will simply charge you the $80 which was waived on the initial setup fee for the 24-month contract.

Both uploads and downloads are counted toward the monthly quota. If you exceed your cap, your speed will be shaped to 64/128kbps.


Fibre 1: 5GB + 5GB $49.95
Fibre 2: 10GB + 10GB $59.95   
Fibre 3: 30GB + 30GB $69.95


Fibre 4: 30GB + 30GB $89.95
Fibre 5: 50GB + 50 GB $99.95


Fibre 6: 60GB + 60GB $129.95
Fibre 7: 90GB + 90GB $159.95


To connect to one of these fibre plans, you will need a fibre-friendly modem or router. iiNet’s signature modem, router and VoIP phone, BoBTM, will do the job. All you’ll need to do is plug him in and he’s ready to go. To find out more about BoBTM, click here. BoBTM iis available either with a handset ($369) or excluding a handset ($309).

Which other providers offer fibre optic broadband plans?

So far, Exetel, Internode, iPrimus, and iiNet have released fibre optic internet plans. Both Telstra and Dodo have committed to releasing plans in the future.