56% of Australians support the NBN

  • 56% of Australians in favour of NBN
  • Particularly popular amongst Labor and Greens voters
  • Overall an eight point rise since last year

NBN broadband poll results

A new poll by research houses Essential Media and Your Source has found that 56% of Australians are in favour of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

While the NBN has faced a lot of debate and accusations in the political arena, the poll showcases that largely the NBN enjoys a positive reception amongst the Australian population. The NBN, a $35.9 billion project, has just begun to roll out across the country, but it will still be years before it is fully implemented.

The great majority of supporters of the NBN according to the poll results are Labor and Green voters. About 80% of Labor voters and 77% of Greens voters supported the NBN, while Coalition voters were split pretty evenly down the middle, with 42% in support of the NBN and 43% against it. Support remains high even amongst the 55-64 year old age group – the age group generally least supportive of the NBN – with 52% favouring the network versus 34% against it.

Overall, the poll represents an eight point rise in support of the NBN since last February. It's interesting to note that the rate of people who are undecided has – for the most part – been steadily decreasing, too. This suggests that the government are doing a better job of keeping people informed and interested in the NBN, whether or not they then come out as supporters or opponents of it.

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