Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital economy, Stephen Conroy has announced that residents living in broadband black-spots across the Adelaide metropolitan area will receive state of the art Mobile Broadband internet access.

The network will be jointly funded by the state and federal governments and will be delivered by internet service provider Adam internet. The investment will deliver high speed broadband to homes and businesses across Adelaide in advance of the roll out of the National Broadband Network.

Where the National Broadband Network will rely on fibre-to-the home fibre optic technology, the Mobile Broadband service will take advantage of existing mobile broadband technology that uses the mobile phone network to deliver a broadband connection wirelessly.
Work is set to begin immediately on the project as currently 10% of residential, commercial and industrial premises across the Adelaide suburbs are unable to receive an ADSL connection.
Mobile Broadband internet connections currently reach speeds up to 3000kbps depending on the location of the service and the hardware configurations. 

Adam internet will roll out a WiMAX wireless service equivalent to ADSL2+ speeds.  The roll out of the WiMAX wireless service will take approximately 15 months and the first services will come available in October 2009.