• New ISP Amaysim offers great new deals
  • Mobile Broadband with "pay as you go" mentality
  • Short contracts and cheap extra data packs available

Newcomer to Australian telecommunications, Amaysim, is blasting its way into the broadband market. Amaysim offers both prepaid and post-paid mobile broadband plans, which can be used in a mobile phone, 3G USB modem, or in a tablet computer like the Apple iPad.

Call Amaysim on 1300 763 813 to find out more or to sign up to an Amaysim plan.

Amaysim Prepaid Mobile Broadband:

The $9.90 Amaysim ‘As You Go’ plan offers 1GB of broadband per 30-day data pack. Data is charged at 5 cents per MB, and is deducted in 1MB increments. This is a very cheap way to access broadband internet, and unlike many other budget broadband providers, Amaysim's customer support team is based solely onshore in Australia.

Amaysim uses the Optus network, so you can use the dual SIM card as a normal SIM card in compatible 3G USB modems that are unlocked/operate on the Optus mobile towers. Or, turn the SIM card into a micro-SIM for the Apple iPad and other tablet computers using compatible micro-SIM cards. Note: The Optus network covers up to 97% of Australians.

There is no limit to how many times you can recharge your data pack in a 30-day period, as long as the older pack has been totally used up. If your data pack has not run out by the end of the 30-day expiry period, you can recharge the pack and the unused data will rollover to the next 30-day period. This can be done within a 90-day period after the initial expiry date runs out. The maximum data you can ever have is 2GB if you rollover an entire month’s unused usage.

You can also get Amaysim ‘As You Go’ plans with 2.5GB for $19.90 (30-day expiry), 4GB for $29.90 (30-day expiry), or 10GB for $99.90 (365-expiry period).

Unlimited access to social networking websites:

This is another excellent aspect of Amaysim plans. You get to use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, Foursquare and LinkedIn for free, with the data used not counting towards your data usage quota. Note: Embedded content like videos and links to external content are not counted as free usage.

Amaysim Post-paid Mobile Broadband $39.90 4GB month-to-month plan:

This 4GB post-paid plan gives you a lot of data for a low price, and you aren’t tied down to a long contract. Again, you get unlimited access to national social networking sites, so no matter how much time you spend on Facebook, it won’t go towards your monthly data usage quota.

You will be billed for your usage at the end of each billing period, but if your usage is less than $15 you won’t be invoiced until your total usage reaches over $15, or when 3 months have gone by. If you don’t use the service at all for more than 90 days the SIM card will be cancelled. However, you can choose to pay a small maintenance fee and the service will not be lost.

Like the Amaysim Prepaid plan option, you can add 1GB data packs to your plan if your 4GB quota is reached before the 30-day expiry period is completed. This can be done automatically, but if you don’t set-up the automatic option excess data is charged at 5 cents per MB. As 5 cents per MB equals $50.00 per GB, we would suggest signing up for the automatic $9.90 per GB add-on data pack option.