Exetel releases new NBN plan

  • Exetel releases new NBN price plan
  • 300 GBs at 100Mbps for $70
  • Exetel making an impact in NBN competition


Yet again, Exetel have released a new impressive National Broadband Network pricing plan. For just $70/month, Exetel will provide 300GB at 100Mbps.

This comes after Exetel's recent price slashes and provides a sturdy defence to those claiming the NBN will be more expensive. Under this new plan, the attraction of the 100Mbps speed – more than eight times faster than your standard ADSL2+ connection – is available with a greater download quota than Exetel had offered before.

New Exetel NBN pricing plan

Exetel are setting themselves up in an extremely competitive position as the NBN rolls out, competing with heavyweight challenges like Optus and iiNet. Exetel are already known for their plans with a generous 9000 free calls along with broadband (call us on 1300 106 571 for more information). With their new NBN prices, however, they are clearly taking a first to market position and driving prices lower in competition.

NBN-based connections are not yet widely available. For those who want to take advantage of great value plans with short or no contracts, we recommend;

TPG’s Unlimited $60 ADSL2+ Bundle (6 month contract) – Call 1300 106 571;

Club Telco has an unlimited phone and internet connection for $70/$90 (depending on location) with no contract- Call 1300 138 155;

Internode has a 200GB Easy Bundle for $80 with no contract, call on 1300 106 571.