Riverwood in New South Wales has the fastest average connection speed in Australia at 5.8Mbps, according to a report from Akamai.

Akamai's latest State of the Internet report shows the average internet connection speed for Australia is 2.9Mbps, compared to New Zealand's 3.2Mbps, the UK's 4.0Mbps and an average speed of 5Mbps for the US.

Riverwood, a suburb in southern Sydney, made it into the top 800 cities with the fastest average connection speeds in the world.

Cities in Asia dominate the list, with 13 cities in South Korea clocking average speeds of over 10Mbps, and 16 cities in Japan. Taegu in South Korea tops the chart with an average connection speed of 18.3 Mbps.

Akamai also revealed the average and peak speeds of Australia's three major mobile broadband providers, although the report keeps the networks anonymous, referring to them only as AU-1, AU-2 and AU-3.

The average connection speed for the providers are 962kbps, 970kbps and 1495kbps respectively, giving Australians an average mobile connection of 962kbps.

Telstra boasts of the best national mobile broadband speeds and its Ultimate device offers a theoretical speed of 21Mbps, which would make AU-3 the most likely candidate for Telstra.

AU-1 was the leader in terms of downloads, with customers typically using up 1352MB a month compared to AU-3's 178MB.

An unnamed Russian provider topped the list of mobile networks, offering customers an average speed of 6Mbps.

Akamai is a technology company with a global network of servers, handling daily traffic for major websites.