Free Wireless Hotspots in Sydney

If you’re roaming around Sydney and looking to connect your laptop or smartphone to Wi-Fi, there are heaps of places around the city that offer free wireless internet. There are cafes, eateries and public spaces that offer free wireless internet you can connect to.

Don’t forget your free Wi-Fi etiquette. If you’re at a bar or a cafe, pick up a beer or a coffee while you’re there. The staff will be grateful if you purchase a drink at least once an hour.

The number of free wireless hotspots has continued to grow over recent years as more people feel obligated to stay connected as they roam the city. Below we have included some of  the places in Sydney’s CBD that offer free Wi-Fi.

Manly Fast Ferry

If you have time to boot up your laptop on this quick ferry trip on your way home, you can check your Facebook and wind down after a hard day’s work. It may be better for laptop users to remain inside and avoid the spray.

68 Degrees Cafe – Clarence Street

Sit down for a pleasant breakfast or lunch in this Sydney CBD cafe and spend some quality time on the web.

Red Barista – Sydney Square

This frenzied cafe attracts many suits in the morning who are there to seize their coffee on the way to work. Why not stick around for a bit longer and get a head start on sorting your inbox while enjoying Red Barista’s friendly service.

Sugarbean Cafe – Hunter Street

You probably won’t be the only one with your laptop for company in this city cafe.

Zibar – Sussex Street

Zibar is open for affordable breakfasts, lunches and dinners during the week, so you’ll never need to leave. However, if you’re just after a quick coffee and a tweet, then that’s OK too.

Broadway Shopping Centre

Take some time between shops to compare some prices on eBay.