Sydney commuters will have free access to the internet on platforms one and two at Circular Quay station from September 6.

Users will be able to download 50MB per 20 minute session, with sessions being split between morning and afternoon.

Railcorp – the operator of the NSW train network – will be providing commuters with the free internet access. The trial will occur from September and continue through till the end of November 2010. Railcorp has not yet provided information on which ISP is offering the service.

The three-month trial could lead the way to a long-term free Wi-Fi hotspot being offered around the area, and could be introduced across other key stations.

A Railcorp spokesman said: "Introducing WiFi across the entire CityRail network will take time to implement as we trial, refine and roll out a suitable and sustainable public transport WiFi system for our customers... There are no current plans to put WiFi on trains and no decision has been made on cost for service. "

Following the three-month trial, Railcorp will collect feedback from customers to evaluate the take-up rates and overall responses from customers.

Sydneysiders have already had free Wi-Fi access on the Manly ferry from June this year, with the hotspot proving popular with customers.