Has the NBN been put on hold?

While Labor and the Coalition continue to struggle for the balance of power after Saturday’s election, the fate of Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN) remains uncertain.

Many Australians are speculating whether the NBN has been put on hold until any definitive results are in concerning Australia’s next government, or whether the fibre optics for the NBN are still being rolled out across the country.

The fate of Australia’s Parliament could take another week to resolve, however the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) has not yet confirmed whether the NBN has been put on hold.

Fibre optic cables have already been rolled out in some of the planned early release sites for Labor’s NBN. However, if next week Labor is no longer in power, the NBN may be scrapped altogether.

Katherine Sainty, a communications and media lawyer and director of Sainty Law, has said she would expect NBN Co to continue to roll out the fibre optics across the early stage release sites under legal obligations with contractors.

The future of the NBN will not be determined until either Labor or the Coalition can form government. However, the three independent MPs who may determine which party will form the next government have each indicated they want a regional broadband solution.