High Speed Internet Services Flatline

Recent growth in the number of Australian broadband internet users with high speed broadband connection of more than 2 mbps has flat lined according to the ‘State of the Internet’ report produced by the web hosting company Akamai.

According to the survey the penetration broadband internet services with speeds above 2mbps remained at 49% of all internet users in the first quarter of 2009, the same level as the previous quarter. While the average broadband connection speed in Australia was 2.8mbps, only 13% of Australian broadband internet subscribers enjoyed download speeds above 5mbps.

The Australian results fall short of world averages. According to the Akamai report, in the first quarter of 2009  around 20% of the world’s internet connections were at speeds of more than 5 Mbps. This represented an increase of 5% when compared with the previous quarter.

ADSL2+ broadband internet connections from Exetel, Netspace, TPG, Bigpond, Internode, Optus, Dodo, iPrimus and  iiNet can reach theoretical maximum speeds of up to 24,000kbps depending on the location of the service. ADSL2+ connection speeds decline the further the service is located form the telephone exchange. Australian broadband internet providers are continuing to investing ADSL2+ infrastructure across the country ahead of the Federal Governments National Broadband Network. The National Broadband Network promises to deliver speeds up to 100mbps to Australian broadband subscribers.