iiNet's buyout of Internode complete

  • iiNet finishes buyout of Internode a month early
  • Internode confirms that customers are satisfied
  • New possibilities for iiNet customers who want Internode deals

A month earlier than expected, Internode has formally changed hands, Internode Director Simon Hackett confirmed yesterday.

iiNet's acquisition of Internode was announced last December, and yesterday afternoon iiNet chief executive Michael Malone confirmed that the "number of administrative conditions" which had slowed down the process of the buyout had been satisfied.

According to Malone the deal has been "well received by Internode staff and customers", and Hackett said that the two providers had "over-achieved (in a good way)". 

While Internode customers will be able to remain on their current plans with no major changes for now, it may prove a great opportunity for customers who want an Internode deal and have only been able to receive iiNet at their telephone exchange up until now. iiNet, who previously had around 300 DSLAMs, and Internode, who had around 200, have both gone up to around 450 DSLAMs.

If you've been tempted by Internode's famous customer service, gaming servers, and other benefits but haven't been able to get Internode in your area, now might be the time to check again.

Check out some of Internode's great plans, or give us a call on 1300 106 571 to see whether Internode is available in your area and for help in choosing a plan.