• Other providers offering something a little different
  • Pre-paid internet available from Eftel
  • Unique membership offers

The Australian internet industry is usually defined by the Big 4 carriers, and their distinct positions in the industry: Telstra (grand old man), Optus (worthy competitor), iiNet (agile upstart with a good attitude) and TPG (utility provider with low prices). Apart from their distinctive brands, these four companies also man their own backhaul, which means they don’t rely on Telstra completely to ferry data back and forth from customers to the rest of the world.

But what of the other carriers? What is their role in this industry? Do they have their own ‘character’ the way the others do? Let’s take an honest look.

Eftel – Eftel is the entrepreneur. They’re looking outside of the current, well worn agreement- pay connection fee, stay on contract, bundle everything together – and trying to offer something closer to what the standard consumer actually wants. With pre-paid ADSL (an Australian first) and frequent give-aways, Eftel aims to be a little more than just a standard ISP. Eftel also boasts its own growing network, using newer and faster forms of traffic management. 

SpinTel -  SpinTel is the all-rounder. SpinTel is 100% Australian owned and operated, with Australian tech support and a comprehensive range of services. SpinTel can offer to set you up with Naked ADSL without first needing an active phone line, giving you a broadband connection with no phone service attached. They also have an Unlimited Bundle starting from $79.95. Call SpinTel on 1300 106 571 to see if they’re available in your area.

Club Telco – Club Telco is the friendly local businessman. Club Telco is quickly becoming a bit of a favourite around here. With Australian based customer service, wide availability, no contracts and a very simplified price structure, Club Telco have taken a lot of the heartbreak and fuss out of getting an internet connection. Instead of connection fees or contracts, CT charge a yearly $50 membership fee. They have two plans - $60 Unlimited, or $30 Lite (10GB). They have two line rentals - $30 basic (no calls included), or $50 Ultimate (where the $50 sits as credit for calls). Call 1300 551 094 to see if Club Telco is available in your area.

Dodo Dodo has long been the king of cheap internet. Dodo treats internet access like a utility, like electricity and gas- and in fact, Dodo also provide electricity and gas! Dodo offers some fantastic deals, like a $62.85 Unlimited bundle (with line rental included). Call 1300 136 793 to see if Dodo is available in your area.