Internode. Believe the hype?

  • Internode has topped the Roy Morgan award several times over
  • Is all the hype well deserved?
  • What does Internode offer that other service providers don't?


Internode. You’ve probably heard of them by now. If you know a friend that’s with them, then you’ve probably already been preached to as well. So what’s all the hype about?



Well Internode is currently rated the #1 internet service provider in the country based on the the Roy Morgan customer service award (seen here). They’ve been rated #1 every month this year, topped the poll for best ISP provider for 2012 and 2011. So they’re doing something right.

Internode was founded all the way back in the early 1990s. While everyone was off skateboarding in plaid shirts and learning the true meaning of Pearl Jam; Simon Hackett was busy building the foundations of what would become one of Australia’s highest rated internet service providers.  

There’s some interesting aspects of Internode’s history that epitomize their success:


  • They were the first provider in Australia to offer ADLS2/ADSL2+ which they launched in 2005 even before Telstra had the technology to do it.

  • 2001 marked Internode’s first regional access internet services starting with the Coorong in South Australia with a custom technology. They have now expanded to cover the Yorke Peninsula area with a similar platform proving that delivering internet in regional areas is not only sustainable but can actually profitable  Providing internet to regional areas has always been a big part of Internode. With current services in Alice Springs, rural Tasmania and the Northern Territory, Internode is a working pretty damn hard to make sure we can enjoy the benefits of reliable internet.

  • On the 1 of July 2012, Internode launched their Games network supplying unmetered gaming content (Media, Blogs, Updates and a Steam Content Server) to their customers. Since it’s launch, has become the most popular gaming network from an Internet provider in Australia (based on the peak number of players at any given time)

Beyond their accomplishments they maintain such a high rating from customers by sorting out service issues with tact and timeliness. They fact their customer service is based in Australia probably helps that push that score up to. My personal experience with Internode (have been a customer of Internode for quite some time so please pardon my bias) has been excellent, they literally went out of their way to get me connected when I moved house and had issue with ports in the local exchange.

Founder Simon Hackett can be found commenting frequently on Whirlpool for those looking to catch him or his strong voiced opinions on Telstra and the government. For those looking to check out Internode’s plans give them a call on 1300 734 304.

Simon Hackett rocking the faded jeans and rose coloured glasses. May he live long and prosper.