Internode footprint doubled as iiNet acquisition completed

  • Acquisition completed ahead of schedule
  • Internode now available at 450 exchanges, up from 208
  • Integration a priority for both companies

Internode has announced today that its presence will extend to 450 exchanges throughout Australia, up from 208. The news follows the surprise announcement in December 2011 that iiNet, a frequent market rival and ideological twin, would incorporate the company in a $105m acquisition.

Internode managing director Simon Hackett said the DSLAM integration was the first “customer-visible benefit of iiNet and Internode joining forces”. “Blending our DSLAM coverage benefits customers of both Internode and iiNet,” he said.

Both companies have longed positioned themselves as the true champions of quality internet service in Australia. iiNet, lead by Michael Malone, shares many of the same characteristics as Internode – superior customer service, a focus on providing easily understood products and not skimping on the latest and greatest equipment, both in the customer’s home and behind the scenes. The two companies often seemed like a perfect match, despite occasionally butting heads in the press.

The press release offered no timeline for the full integration of Internode DSLAMs at iiNet locations, but expressed that the integration process is priority for both iiNet and Internode.

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