Optus Debuts new plans

  • Optus has revealed their new plans
  • Unlimited options for ADSL2+, Cable and NBN
  • Month by month options

Last week Optus debuted their new plans for ADSL2+, Cable and NBN. These new plans are a major overhaul of their previous offerings including a newly added Unlimited plan (a big increase over the previous 500Gb that Optus offered) as well as updated prices that are more competitive with other providers.


Gone are the seniors plans and other data options that made choosing a plan confusing. Optus have consolidated all their options into 3 simple plans. Starting with 30Gb for $65 for those that don’t download too much and don’t need a home phone; this is the entry level Naked plan. Then next step would be the 200Gb plan for $90 a month, a better option for families or high level users who do a lot of downloading. The next step up from 200Gb would be the unlimited plan offering completely unlimited downloads all through the month. Optus are offering this for $110 a month for internet only, a big increase over the largest plan (500Gb) that Optus previously had.




It’s worth noting at this point that Optus have actually removed their “Peak and Off-Peak” times for their plans. This means if you choose the 200Gbs plan, you actually get 200Gbs to use when you want, no more downloading overnight in order to conserve your download limit.

Sounds pretty good but what else is new? Optus have included month by month options for all their plans at the cost of a higher price per month. It’s a good move for Optus to switch from only offering 12 or 24 month contracts with more and more users looking for “contractless” internet plans these days.

Another new addition the Optus family is the inclusion of NBN plans that are consistent with the ADSL2+ and Cable offerings. The data amounts of the NBN plans mimic those mentioned before. That’s right, you can get unlimited NBN from Optus for only $110. Pretty decent huh?

Another step in the right direction for Optus is the bonus free upgrade that customers get to use twice a year effectively allowing them to either double or go unlimited for a month.


For more information on the Optus plans give them a call on 1300 137 897