Plans to get your Engin going

Engin VoIP plans and VoIP and broadband bundle plans have been popular with the Australian broadband market for the last six years. Many residents with access to high-speed broadband are shifting  from making calls with a regular home phone to using VoIP instead, which is exactly what Engin specialise in.

Engin has a range of packages for your home to suit the type of home phone and broadband setup you are after:

-    VoIP Phone Plans – VoIP only
-    MyChoice Plans – ADSL2+ Broadband + VoIP
-    VoIP Ignition – ADSL2+ Broadband and VoIP bundles
-    Landline Ignition – ADSL2+ Broadband and landline bundles

VoIP phone plans

VoIP plans allow customers to make calls over their broadband service. The plans include VoIP only, and therefore you will need to already have a broadband service either with Engin or another internet service provider.

VoIP plans are particularly good for Naked broadband customers, as customers will still be able to make cheap calls on a home phone service, without paying an expensive monthly phone line rental.

There are five VoIP phone plans available starting at $9.95 a month, with the highest plan charged at $29.95 a month. Call rates are exceptionally low, and differ depending on which plan you go for. Local and national calls are unlimited on all VoIP phone plans apart the one priced at $9.95, which charges 10 cents per local or national call (untimed).

Most plans charge 1.9 cents/min for international calls, apart from the home + $19.95 plan which has international calls to eight countries included in the monthly fee, and 20 cents untimed to another 13 countries.

MyChoice Plans

MyChoice Plans allow Engin customers to mix and match broadband plans with an Engin VoIP service. You can either keep your existing landline as is, go Naked and disconnect your regular home phone service if you no longer need it, or transfer your home phone to Engin with a cheap  $20 monthly phone line rental.

There are five broadband plans that cater for the light user to the super heavy downloader. You can package any of these broadband plans, which are priced from $54.95 to $99.95, with any of Engin’s  VoIP phone plans.

VoIP Ignition

VoIP Ignition is for customers who want to select from pre-packaged broadband and VoIP bundles. There are three to select from, and they are priced at $69, $89 and $109. You have the option of either going on a month-to-month contract, or signing up for 24 months and receiving a free 4-port modem/router and bonus Voicebox so you’re ready to start using VoIP.

The ‘Anytime’ data on VoIP Ignition plans means you won’t have to worry about any peak or off peak times – you can use your data whenever you like. You can enjoy unlimited local and national calls on all of these plans. Mobile calls are also unlimited, apart from on the $69 plan, which charges 22 cents/min for a mobile call.

You will have the choice between keeping your  existing landline as is, disconnecting it (Naked broadband) or switching your landline service over to Engin for $20.

Landline Ignition

Engin’s Landline Ignition plans are bundles that combine your regular landline service and ADSL2+ broadband service into one tidy package. There are five plans available which start at $49 a month. The contract length is 24 months, but to reward you for your loyalty, Engin will throw in a free 4-port wireless modem and subsidise the cost of your setup fee.

All local and national calls are unlimited on the Landline Ignition plans, apart from the $49 Ignition plan which charges 17 cents/min for national calls.


You may find that you’re running out of data toward the end of the month on your Engin broadband plan. If you can’t afford to have your download speed slowed down, Engin broadband customers can purchase ‘Afterburners. Afterburners add an extra 2GB to use for the rest of the month for only $5 (VoIP Ignition and Landline Ignition customers). MyChoice customers have the choice between 1GB, 2GB or 3GB Afterburners for $5, $10, or $15 respectively.