The world of online dating

  • A lot has changed since the days of classfields
  • Does online dating really work or is there too much noise?
  • What apps help you date online?






Every night on TV you see the ads, you know the ones, the “We met online and are now living happily ever after” ads… And you’re sitting on your couch, in your sweatpants with a bag of chips on your lap either thinking ‘why not me..’ or ‘Yeahh right.. it’s all a scam’..

The fact is, that online dating in todays society really can work.  It’s the perfect tool for people that are restricted to the same friendship circle, that don't have time to go out on the prowl every weekend travelling through seedy nightclubs or not having the courage to go up to that demi god at the gym.

Smartphones are literally putting these opportunities in the palm of our hand at a quick swipe away.  Opportunities that are putting us in touch with suitors that we may a) have never thought were ‘in our league’ and b) not our ‘usual type’.

Its as easy as downloading a suitable app, creating a quick profile with your interests, bio, pics and usually filling out a quick survey for compatibility.  The stigma that used to go with online dating has quickly deteriorated over the past couple of years with more and more people utilising it to expand their reach.  

There are apps that can literally tell you how far away said suitor is - some people call it creepy, I call it ‘information to make an informed decision’.  No more time wasted to find out that your interest lives hours away or is only visiting on a business trip never to be seen again.

Now of course there are some cons… the amount of interest you will get from guys that only know how to introduce themselves with the all famous “Hey.. ;) “... ugh… A friend of mine has actually started a blog with the types of interest she receives and the witty responses she sends back because of the ridiculous things some guys will say to try and grab your interest.  But kudos to them for trying, if you don't ask you don't get - maybe it’s just me and I’m old fashion by wanting at least a well put together sentence from a guy with the correct spelling…

Guys take note! If you are approaching someone online use the following tips:

- Introduce yourself honestly - if you wouldn’t say it to her face, don't say it in your introduction.  - No cheesy pickup lines - please… stahhhppp!!  They’re not funny or witty or as much as you would like to think, original.  If anything they are off putting and most what confusing.

- No pictures of your nether regions, no-one needs to see that with your opening message.. keep it in your.. well.. you know..



Safety - My biggest advice from what I have learnt from friends, is always meet in a public place and always have a few people knowing where you are and check in with them throughout the night.  Meeting a complete stranger may seem exciting, but you need to remember that unfortunately no matter how many late night facebook conversation you’ve had - they are still that, a stranger.  

Alot of people will be thinking “why bother”, it probably won't even work.. Well the thing is, you need to put yourself out there whether it be physically or online, because if you don’t you’ll never know.  You can't expect to find someone without putting in the work and looking, whether you’re after a long term relationship or maybe just a bit of fun with a casual fling.


To find out more about some popular apps click here.  

To keep up with the lingo and slang used in the online dating world check out this site:


Happy hunting!



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