Virgin increases data quota on mobile broadband

  • Virgin increases data quota on old mobile broadband plans
  • Enjoy total portability and no excess usage charges
  • Special offer of three months free if you sign up before April 30

Virgin Mobile (1300 106 571) have announced their new plans offering "more bytes for your bucks", as they increase their data quotas on their mobile broadband plans.

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There is a significant increase in the amount of GBs offered for the same price points with their new pricing. This may go a long way to assuaging complaints of customers trying to find larger data usage plans on mobile broadband.

Virgin mobile broadband pricing

As we have written before, mobile wireless broadband should not be seen as a reliable alternative to a fixed line connection. It is unable to reach the connection strength and speeds of an ADSL2+ connection, and it's also difficult to get a higher GB allowance when you're using mobile broadband – the technology simply can't supply it.

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However, the new Virgin plans go a long way to addressing one of these inequalities. While you're never going to be able to hit such heights as 50GB or more on a mobile broadband plan, it may be that being able to get 12GB for $39.00 per month is more than attractive for lots of customers.

After all, we hear a lot about the disadvantages of mobile broadband – slow USB dongles, miniscule data allowances, heavy excess usage charges. What are some of the advantages of mobile broadband that might make it the right choice for you?

  1. Complete portability. Wherever you go, your internet can go with you. This is particularly useful for travellers – whether you're an overseas visitor making a three month tour of the country, or a pensioner deciding to spend your retirement on a caravan journey. However, it's also equally useful for those of us who like to be able to work and access the internet on public transport or in public places.
  2. Easy set-up. There is no large set-up fee as you'll find with most ADSL2+  connections, and you'll be able to avoid the standard 10 working days it takes to get set up. You can get a dongle posted to you the next day, or you can walk into a shop and buy one outright! There'll be no need to designate a day off work to wait for a technician to come into your house, and you'll be able to have access to the internet as soon as you want it.
  3. Inexpensive – relatively. Put in a side by side comparison with a fixed line connection, and mobile broadband will definitely be cheaper. It may not necessary be better value, though, as you're unlikely to get a phone bundled in or as many GBs per month as you do with a fixed line connection. However, particularly if you are a light user, mobile broadband will cost you much less per month than a fixed line connection.

Virgin offers some additional great incentives as a provider of mobile broadband, along with their great prices and data quotas. These include:

  1. Free USB modems on all plans and free WiFi modems on the $29 and up plan. This means that you don't have to pay for all the equipment when you sign up, except if you want the WiFi modem on the $19 plan, in which case you will have to pay a reasonable $7 extra for the hardware per month.
  2. No excess usage charges. Importantly and unlike many mobile broadband providers, Virgin will not charge you if you go over your monthly allowance. Instead, they will throttle your speed to 128kb/s for the first 250MB you exceed your data allowance by, and then after that they will cut off your access altogether. It's still not a great thing to have happen to you, but it's infinitely preferable to getting a bill high in the hundreds of dollars at the end of the month.
  3. Virgin's special offer of three months free access. This is a great special offer that you can take advantage of if you sign up before April 30th!

Call Virgin today for more information or to sign up on 1300 106 571.