West Australian Farmers Love Broadband Internet

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for 2007/8 have revealed West Australian farmers surf the web more than primary producers in any other state. The survey revealed 73% of West Australian farms used the internet regularly.

Only the Australian Capital Territory which has only a handful of small farms had a higher rate of internet access at 74%.  The Australian average for farmers accessing the internet is only 66%.

Overall, 53 percent of West Australians have access to ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL, Cable or  Mobile Broadband internet, making them the highest broadband internet users of any state in Australia, behind the ACT (62%) and Northern Territory (55%.) 

Regional area can generally receive high speed ADSL broadband with speeds up to 8000kbps. The actual speeds received with an ADSL broadband connection will depend on the distance of the service form the telephone exchange. Where ADSL services are unavailable Mobile Broadband and satellite broadband offer high speed internet access without the need for a fixed telephone service. The speed of a Mobile Broadband or satellite broadband service will depend on the location of the service.