Which broadband provider has the most satisfied customers?

  • TPG in top 5 despite cheaper plans
  • Internode comes out on top again
  • Optus climbing

At Compare Broadband we are consistently asked about the prices, speeds and data limits of broadband plans. However, when these plan options are quite similar between different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the next question is inevitably always the same: Which broadband provider has the best customer service and technical support?

In a recent April 2011 survey done by Roy Morgan Research, around 13,000 Australians aged over fourteen years old were asked how satisfied they were with the overall service of their ISP. The survey was conducted over a 6-month period, with averages analysed each month on whether a broadband provider’s service quality had improved or decreased over the entire half-year period.

Nine major internet companies were analysed, and here’s how their customer satisfaction levels rated:

1.Internode: A massive 92% of Internode customers were either “very” or “fairly” satisfied with Internode’s service. Although this rating had gone down from 95% six months previous, this is still nearly 20% higher than the industry average of 73%.
2.iiNet (1300 106 571): iiNet is the second largest broadband provider in Australia, but this didn’t stop it from coming in at No.2 with 89% of satisfied clients. However, this was a small decrease from its 91% rating in October 2010.
3.TPG: (1300 106 571): Although TPG is generally cheaper than the two ISPs on top of the list it still comes out with quite a positive result. 80% of customers are satisfied, down from 83% six months ago.
4.Optus: (1300 137 897): Optus is the first ISP in the survey to have an increase in customer satisfaction. 79% of customers were happy with their service, up from 75% half a year ago.
5.Telstra BigPond: Again, the largest internet provider in Australia failed to meet the industry average. 70% of customers were at least “fairly satisfied”, up from 69% six months ago. BigPond’s “dissatisfaction” quota was relatively high, with 10% of clients saying they were unhappy with their service.
6.AAPT: AAPT fell 5% over the previous six-month period, from 74% to 69% of satisfied customers.
7.Dodo (1300 136 793): Dodo is a real success story in terms of improvement over the survey period, but it still needs to keep working on its service quality. With a massive 9% increase, Dodo went from 59% to 68% of satisfied customers. However, Dodo still topped the “dissatisfied” list with 13% of customers expressing their frustration with the ISP.
8.3 Mobile: 3 Mobile’s customers weren’t especially happy with the ISP over the survey period. Satisfaction figures fell 9%, from 70% to 61%.
9.Vodafone: Like its partner company 3 Mobile, Vodafone continued its fall, with satisfaction levels dropping from 67% to 61%. Vodafone will need to do a lot to ensure happy customers in the future.

The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” may not always ring true in the Australian broadband internet marketplace. Although Internode has the best customer service, its $59.99 Naked DSL 150GB plan is one of the cheapest around. You get a lot of data, it’s on a month-to-month contract, and you can use your quota anytime you like.

TPG and its $9.99 ADSL2+ 10GB plus $30 home phone bundle is as cheap as it gets, but its service is still of higher quality than the industry average.

The same can be said for Optus. Optus satisfaction levels are on the rise, but its plans are simultaneously getting better. An example of this is the Optus $64.94 ADSL2+ up to 120GB bundle including home phone rental and $30 of call credit plan. Give us a call at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 to find out about these plans and more.