• Xbox One has been announced
  • Requires 24 Hour Check for online verification
  • What kind of internet connection do I need to handle it?

The past few weeks have been an overload of technology conferences and announcements with E3 and Apple’s WWDC all in one week. Beyond the release of Apple’s iOS7, the biggest news (as far as internet communities are concerned) is the Xbox One and PS4 presentations. The rift between Xbox vs Playstation have been ignited by the digital rights management that Microsoft is placing on the Xbox One. In a nutshell: owners of the Xbox One are required to make a connection to the internet once every 24 hours for license verification. Users that either have infrequent internet access or none at all will not be able to use the console. Debate over DRM (Digital Rights Management) aside, if you’re a fan of the Xbox One and plan on getting the console, then you’re going to need a good internet connection. That’s where we’ll jump in and help.


The first issue we’ll address is service reliability. With a 24-Hour check in place with the Xbox One, you’ll want to make sure that your internet service provides something around 99% Uptime or a long history of good network reviews. iPrimus are a well known Australian internet provider, have been around since 1997, have great customer reviews and are the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable connection. They’ll run through their own network or Telstra’s to get to your house. Either way, it’s an affordable, fast option if you need a good connection. Plus they have an Australian call center if anything (let’s hope not) goes wrong. Give iPrimus a go on 1300 210 756.


If you’re planning on being an Xbox Live Gold member then you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft will be giving out two free games for every Gold subscriber each month. Depending on the game size (could be up to 8GB per game) you’ll need a heavy download quota to take advantage of the deal. This plus downloading updates to keep playing online, you’re probably reaching an amount of 30GB’s per month for updates + games alone. In order to sustain the downloadable games, online play and not to forget your regular computer usage on top, we’d highly recommend an unlimited plan. Fortunately these days unlimited plans are dirt cheap but it’s worth taking into account the reliability of cheap internet deals. Our personal recommendations would be iPrimus (can you tell we like them?) who could give you excellent service, unlimited ADSL2+ and a home phone for $60 a month or Eftel who could do the same for $50 but they’re a bit more exclusive in terms of availability. If you want to give iPrimus a call feel free to use the number above or if you want to see if you can get Eftel’s deal call them on 1300 359 437.


Beyond data and reliability you’re going to need a fast connection. Every gamer knows there’s nothing worse than lag. Network speed and network reliability will usually go hand in hand so our recommendation for iPrimus would definitely apply here. If you’re not too fond of the home phone though then Naked ADSL2+ might be a great option for you. Naked is essentially ADSL2+ without a home phone. Essentially you drop the home phone to save a bit of money and get a bit faster latency in return. It’s a great way to save money and improve your speed while gaming. If you’re interested in getting naked feel free to give us a call on 1300 049 070 and we’ll find the best Naked plan in your area.


With the Xbox One coming out later this year you’ve got a lot of time to figure out how to change your internet over. With the future in mind though it would be a good idea to check out whether or not your area has or will be receiving fiber optic via the NBN. If you’re interested in jumping on the NBN feel free to give us a call on 1300 049 070 and we can a coverage check for you as well as run through the available plans out there.