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To save up on the costs you spend for your Internet, a great way to take is to purchase your very own Internet bundle. This is a rundown of the best selections.

Communication providers may offer Internet bundles, or those for your telephones, mobile gadgets, television, and Broadband. The biggest network companies offer these for subscription, and there are also discounts you can avail.

With these bundles, you can have these offerings within your bill and manage your services in a very organised location online.

Speaking about high-speed Internet bundles, you either have the cable or the DSL. If you are in subscription with a phone service, the DSL works best and is most recommended.

This utilises your phone lines and connects with the modem. After which, you have the high-speed DSL connection bundled with television, wireless, and telephone services.

Best Internet Bundles in 2020

The costs are among the top concerns of customers, and companies offer several plans to choose from. Here are the best internet bundles in 2020.


Trusted by millions of customers worldwide, the Internet bundle from TPG offers the features and benefits of speed, flexibility, high-speed Wi-Fi modem, highly-rated download speeds, and a bundle perfect for renters.

Families looking for Internet bundles may have these from TPG, which provides the Fast Speed feature. If you have several people at home using the Internet, you may try their Superfast Speed which is one of today’s fastest NBN offerings in the market.

You can adjust your plan at any given time without being asked to pay fees, and will also let you keep your current phone number. Or, you may instead get a new phone number once you sign-up.

Bundles from TPG are known for the dual band 802.11ac wireless Internet modem that offers the fastest Internet speeds and better coverage.

Even renters may enjoy this bundle since there are no lock-in contracts and there are free setups available for 18 months. Both of these options will provide you with high-speed wireless modem, ideal for homeowners and renters.


On the other hand, the Internet bundle offered on Optus is the preferred bundle for sports shows, since they have products that offer exclusive access to championships and matches via their Optus Sport.

This is widely available as part of the free inclusion on various plans, including the $90 Optus plan with unlimited data, or the $14.99 monthly add-ons.

Moreover, you also get the chance to have the box with the $90 plan, and a premium Fetch channel bundle. The telephone services include unli-calls to standard Australian numbers at $10 monthly charges. You can customise the plan and add Fetch at $5 monthly.

NBN customers can also avail of the $90 plan which already includes NBN 50 speeds, and upgrades to NBN 100/20 which require you to pay the additional $20 per month.


Foxtel comes at the forefront of giving Internet bundles for your necessities. Likewise a popular brand, this Internet provider gives you unlimited data and features with the bundles included in the billing.

There are several plans to choose from. This is one of the ISPs that NBN has partnered with to offer customers with wholesale access speeds. These can indicate better speeds during periods of off-peaks. The actual speed on your fixed wireless and FTTN/B/C are confirmed upon activating the product. As with every bundle being discussed here, it is important to always keep in touch with the support team.

Foxtel also ensures that with their products, your favourite shows on-demand are available for you anytime. They have also tied up with YouTube HD verified3 to provide superior video streams with less buffering and more speed.


Telstra offers various broadband plans for residents and property owners in Australia. They are wide ranges of options for entertainment, and with Telstra TV, you can add features to your regular plans for an additional $9 monthly. With this, you are provided with easy streaming from popular streaming platforms such as Stan, Foxtel Now, and Netflix. Inclusions are on-demand movies via the Telstra TV Box Office.

Customers may bundle Telstra TV with unlimited data packages for $99 monthly. The Telstra TV at 500GB plan starts at more than $80 monthly. Packages with more features are at $139 a month, and Platinum HD Foxtel costs $189 monthly. This comes with unlimited broadband data.


Another great Internet bundle is with Vodafone. NBNTM  holds a strong partnership with this provider, thereby continuously developing products, services, and offerings each time.

Vodafone with NBN networks offers unlimited data, and with the Wi-Fi Hub, a distinctive product from the company allows you to get connected to the Internet right upon setup and throughout, without interruptions. This is made possible with the 4G back-up.

Furthermore, all their plans have no hidden costs and are guaranteed to provide customers only with the best services. Selected plans will have this Wi-Fi Hub for free when they stay connected for 36 months or three years. If your current landline phone may not be taken away from the premises, then you can keep it with this bundle.

With Vodafone TV, you can stream movies, shows on-demand, and games from Google Play, as well as download apps and watch your favourite videos from YouTube.

Nowadays, changes are happening fast and with these bundles for television, phones, and the Internet, saving up on the costs is never more possible than before. There are several companies and media that are looking for more ways to customise these bundles as much as they can. When it comes to pricing, lower prices are in the packages, with more surprises and add-on features in the bundle.