• Students are poor
  • Relish those Student Discounts
  • Ideas on how to pinch those pennies

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Being a student living in a city like Melbourne more than likely means you’re poor.
Here’s a guide to stretching a dollar and utilising that student card in your pocket...

1. Split Everything

Students should split costs as much as possible. Things like rent, petrol, food (buy in bulk, somewhere cheap), booze (grow accustomed to taste of box wine!), and even Netflix (and make sure you compare prices where you can on internet and energy to make sure you're not getting screwed).

2. Find places with Student Discounts


So many places have student discount prices these days. It would be impossible to list them all. However, a lot don’t clearly advertise it either, so it’s always worth looking it up first. Cinemas, gyms, food outlets, bars and clubs, all sorts of places will normally have student discounts. The moral here: there’s no harm in asking. Saving money on the regular life things you spend money on will make a huge difference in the long run.


3. Educational Needs


Anything to do with being a student will have a special student price. Even Apple sell computers with a student discount and pretty much any educational requirement you need will have a price to suit your low pay bracket. In conjunction, places like the NGV and Melbourne Museum will sometimes have special deals for students - so it’s important to keep your eye out!


At the end of the day, take your Student Card every time you leave the house, and don’t be afraid to flash it in people’s faces like it was a sherrif's badge. Anything to save some extra cash $$$


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