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Are you looking for available 5G plans in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. At Compare Broadband, we’ve reviewed and analysed hundreds of 5G internet plans from different providers to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

5G is the next-generation mobile technology that offers faster mobile broadband speeds for mobile phones, tablets, and more. Overall, 5G networks can handle more data and users than its predecessors 4G and 3G. Since the first Australian 5G network went live in 2019, coverage has steadily rolled out in major cities, with millions of Aussies now able to access 5G at work and home.

Major Australian Telcos, including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, have already activated 5G networks in key cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Either way, ISPs are developing infrastructure to ensure more areas have access to 5G, especially rural areas.

With Australia’s growing use of mobile devices, 5G will be an essential next step in improving (and maintaining) existing mobile speeds and capacity.  Read this article to get an insight into the current 5G internet plans available, their positive points and what to expect as consumers of the service. 


5G Internet Plans via Telstra

At present, there are more than 3200 suburbs and over 200 cities and towns across Australia that are already enjoying 5G internet services via Telstra.  Major states such as Sydney, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Toowoomba are already enjoying 5G mobile internet service. Telstra is one of the leading names in the internet service industry that is ensuring its customers that they can access and enjoy all the benefits that come with the advanced 5G technology. 

The mobile service giant, Telstra, is the very first mobile service provider that enabled standalone 5G in Australia. The current mobile network offers end-to-end enabled 5G standalone, also known as 5G SA. The system allows users to enjoy the efficiency and new innovative uses of mobile technology. The upgrade also allows 5G standalone devices to operate fully in 5G mode, without the need of 4G technology support.

To qualify for 5G connectivity, a consumer must secure a 5G device and a 5G-ready mobile or data plan. Below are the current postpaid mobile plans and mobile plan 5G services under Telstra.

Telstra 5G Internet Plans

The $65 Medium Upfront SIM Plan allows users to enjoy 5G connectivity together with 80GB of data that can be renewed on a monthly basis. Deals include free access to BINGE and other streaming services. $85 Large Upfront Sim Plan comes with a 120GB data inclusion while the $115 Extra Large Upfront Sim Plan includes 180GB of data.

On top of the data inclusion, subscribers can also enjoy unlimited national calls and SMS for standard Australian numbers, data-free music streaming via Apple Music, data-free sports streaming on FWL, AFL, Netball, NRL and Hyundai A-League. Fast-track Telstra Plus points and 4GX Telstra Mobile Network are also included with the bundle.

Telstra mobile broadband plans with 5G are also available via Telstra. The Upfront Data Plan Medium includes 75GB of data, mobile broadband connection, and monthly renewal tagged at $55/month. The Upfront Data Plan Large includes 400GB of data with no contract terms and mobile broadband connection. The latter plan is available at $75/month. Data-free music and sports streaming are also included in this mobile broadband bundle. 

5G Internet Plans via Optus

Optus, another big player in the Australian internet provider, has progressively rolled out its 5G service in limited areas and selected suburbs in Australia. A decent range of 5G powered devices are also available via Optus.

Optus already covers several areas in New South Wales including Central Sydney, Sydney North Shore, Northwest Sydney, Southwest Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter and Newcastle, and Port Stephens. Victoria also hosts several Optus sites that give consumers access to the 5G network - Melbourne East, Melbourne West, Melbourne South East, Geelong, Mornington, and Peninsula. Areas in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Fremantle can also avail and enjoy Optus's 5G mobile network services.

Optus offers month-to-month 5G contract plans. 

Optus 5G Internet Everyday features unlimited data, up to 83Mbps speed starting at $79 a month. No start-up fee is required and you even get to have one month free internet service available. The plan also includes the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway that allows devices to connect wirelessly via 5G mobile with 4G/LTE backup. The modem helps improve the performance and reliability of the connection even with multiple devices simultaneously connected to the internet. 

Download the My Optus App to easily access and set up the 5G modem and enjoy other flexible features included with the plan.

The Optus 5G Internet Entertainer plan also requires zero start-up fee and starts at $89/month. Enjoy unlimited data and up to 210Mbps connectivity with this plan choice. 

5G SIM Only plans are also available via Optus. The Small Choice Plus Plan starts at $45/month which includes 20GB of data and 5G network access at no extra cost. The Medium Choice Plus Plan with 80GB of data is priced at $55 per month while the Large Choice Plus Plan with 200GB of data is priced at $65 per month. There is currently an ongoing promotion for the Optus Plus Promo Plan wherein for only $65 per month, you will already get to enjoy 500GB of data.

5G Internet Plans via Vodafone

Vodafone, another big name in the Australian telco industry, officially switched on its 5G network early 2020. Although coverage was limited during its early launch, Vodafone was eager to build 650 sites around the country progressively. The 5G service via Vodafone was initially available in Parramatta, NSW, Western Motorway and Holroyd. Several 5G sites are now built in Sydney. Melbourne's CBD will also welcome several 5G sites under Vodafone but will be concentrated mainly on the business districts and nearby suburb areas. Brisbane's CBD will also enjoy Vodafone's 5G services. Canberra, the Gold Coast and Perth will also be home to a few Vodafone 5G sites.

Vodafone 5G Devices

Vodafone offers 5G connectivity to various 5G capable devices such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, as well as the Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel series, and TCL 20 series.

Vodafone will continue to support 4G networks even with the roll out of 5G across major cities in Australia. Upgrades for 5G approved devices, even in areas without 5G services will be able to connect via the existing 4G/3G networks that are currently available in the area. 

What to Expect from 5G Internet Plans in Australia

5G connectivity, through the efforts of the major telecommunication companies in Australia, is being welcomed to several main cities and suburbs of the country. The next-generation mobile network is here and here to stay. Widespread 5G connectivity expansion in the country continues to impress and excite consumers, with the promise of faster and more reliable internet connection services for Aussies.

5G, with minimum speeds faster than NBN's Premium 100Mbps plans, will be a competitive player in the internet service industry in Australia. Although 5G is an indirect competitor of the National Broadband Network, it is still a very appealing service that will change and improve the telco industry in the country.