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Australian telecommunication companies are on each other's toes as they try to become the leaders in offering the life-changing 5G connectivity to the Australian population. The 5G mobile technology promises a new improved way of communicating and a new experience that will play a vital role in major industries around the globe.

As Australia and the rest of the world becomes future ready, there are indeed plenty of exciting things to look forward to with 5G connectivity. Lagging, lost connections will be a thing of the past, together with 5G's commitment in providing a super fast, stable and exceptional streaming experience.

With the seamless performance and the other exciting features that come with 5G, we will see more of the population leaning into securing access to 5G. It is a game changer and consumers are starting to think if it is indeed worth the switch. 

If you find yourself intrigued or a strong believer of the potential 5G has to offer, there are plenty of ways and telco brands to choose from. One way to access 5G technology is through 5G sim only plans. It is a cheaper alternative and if you recently bought a 5G capable device, it would give you the opportunity to explore and use your mobile device to its full potential.

Here are a few options 5G sim only plans available for you in the Australian telco market.

Telstra 5G Sim Only Plans in Australia

Save by bringing your own phone and enjoying the powers 5G connectivity has to offer. Enjoy no excess data charges, no lock-in contract and unlimited standard national calls and SMS with Telstra's 5G powered sim only plans.

Telstra Medium Plan starts at $65/month with 5G network access included. Renew the plan on a monthly basis, with no excess data charges included within Australia. New applications include free 3 months BINGE Standard use redeemable by January 2021. Fast-track rewards are also available for Telstra Plus members. They can also earn 50% more points across accounts. The offer remains available until the plan is withdrawn. Enjoy a dala allowance of 80GB every month with this plan.

Telstra Large Plan is also offered on a month to month basis with $85/month. The 5g sim only plan bundle also comes with no excess data charges, no lock-in plan with free 3 months BINGE Standard subscription for new subscriptions. Large plans come with a 120GB data allowance every month.

Extra Large Sim Only Plan is available at $115/month. It offers free 3 months BINGE Standard, with no lock-in plans and no excess data charges in Australia.

All 5G sim only plans also include data fee live sport streaming, unlimited standard national calls and texts, data free music streaming via Apple Music with a paid subscription. Each bundle also includes Free Telstra Air Wi-Fi. Subscribers can avail for an International Calling Pack that features unlimited calls and SMS to selected countries from Australia for an extra $10 a month.

Subscribers need to check if their area currently features 5G connectivity before purchasing a sim only plan. Month to month plans can be cancelled anytime and will allow subscribers to receive a pro rata refund for the remainder of the month.

Optus 5G Sim Only Plans in Australia

Bring your own phone deals are also available via Optus. Optus currently covers 98.5% of the Australian population for a combined 3G and 4G network. The much coveted 5G connectivity is also available through Optus but in limited areas in the country.

5G mobile internet connectivity via Optus is available in Sydney with areas including Campbelltown, Blacktown, Katoomba, Gosford, and the Central Coast. Queanbeyan and Belconnen in Canberra are also areas covered by Optus's mobile connectivity network.

A huge portion of Melbourne also enjoys 5G connectivity. On top of the main CBD, areas in St. Kilda, Mornington, Frankston, Geelong,  Lara, and Werribee are already covered with 5G powered cell sites.

5G Home Connectivity is also available via Optus. Areas that are already enjoying 5G connection through home plan internet services include several main towns and suburbs near Sydney's CBD, Brisbane area and around the Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

To get you started with a 5G sim only plan via Optus, check out the plans available for you.

Optus My Plan 30GB 5G sim only plan includes 30GB of monthly data with $10 additional for additional data available at $45/month. Data sharing is possible with Optus Roaming Pass add-on available. It also features Optus Sport Subscription and data sharing.

To enjoy unlimited standard international calls and text to 35 destinations, 4GB roaming in Zone 1 destinations, with 30GB data allowance, a $65/month plan is available via Optus' BYO plan. Premium 5G sim only plans are available at $91/month that includes 150 monthly data cap, unlimited standard international call and text to 35 destinations, 4GB international roaming in Zone 1 destinations. A bonus 150GB is available for subscribers who will avail a Optus 5G device with a 12 month contract.

Vodafone 5G Sim Only Plans in Australia

Vodafone is currently in the beginning stages of building its 5G sites around the major cities and towns of Australia. With its potential to provide safer, smarter and more efficient lifestyles for Aussies, 5G is indeed finding its way around

Vodafone users can enjoy the promise that comes with 5G internet connectivity with a 5G sim only plan. Vodafone offers month to month sim only plus plans that allow subscribers to stream, post, scroll around the internet, and play all day long. Get speeds that bring gaming to a new experience with Vodafone's Your Max Speed with speeds up to 1.5Mbps. Stream music, enjoy watching define videos and catch up with your favorite shows and social media.

Vodafone 5G sim only plans are available in 10GB, 50GB and 60Gb data allocation available at $35/month, $35/month, and $45/month, respectively. Plans are available via month to month renewal. Twelve month contracts are available, by choice and offer savings starting at $60 for 12 months up to $120 for 12 month lock-in periods.

All plans feature free data use within Australia, unlimited standard national calls, unlimited standard text in Australia and overseas as well as Standard international minutes from Australia, 1000 minutes for Zone 1 and 100 minutes for Zone 2.

Free Amazon Prime for 12 months is available for 5G sim only plans with 12 month contracts offered for a limited period. Data sharing is possible up to 60GB with speeds up to 1.5Mbps.

To enjoy additional features, subscribers can add $5 roaming to access the 5G sim only plan in 60 counties per day for up to 90 calendar days. Sharing data is also available for other 5g sim only Vodafone plans and red plans under one account.

Bring your own phone plans are ideal for consumers who have already invested in a prepaid 5G capable device. It is also a  good choice to be able to “test the waters” instead of applying for a phone and 5G mobile network bundle that often comes with required locked-in periods. Before securing a 5G sim only plan service, check if your area currently offers 5G connectivity from your preferred mobile network provider.