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What does 5G have to offer?

For each passing day, technology is surpassing itself to produce modern day innovations and developments that would cater to the current needs and wants of the society. The internet is no exception and the trend of world’s data consumption is truly mind-blowing. For the past years, it has been recorded that the daily amount of data produced and created each day is 2.5 quintillion at our current pace. However, the trend is just getting started as we surf through the accelerating growth of the “internet of Things” (IoT).

IoT is a term used to refer to the growing number of devices and equipment that are connected to the internet, sends data, and receives data. All of these web-enabled devices contribute greatly to the creation, consumption, and processing of data in the internet.

Nowadays, access to information is not a problem. Pools of data are already made available on the internet for people to surf and to explore. The issue now lies with how fast could people access and send the information on the world of webs.

Luckily, the network technology  simultaneously improves the internet services they provide. From the first generation network we had, the 1G, we now have the fifth generation network 5G which is tagged as the next generation of mobile network technology.

The pressure is on! People have high hopes and expectations for this new generation network technology. With a promise to decrease latency, provide bigger channels, and enable connection to different devices all at once, 5G is said to be 10 times faster than the current mobile wireless network we have, the 4G.

Decreasing latency means reducing the amount of delayed time in sending and receiving information from one point to another. 5G also endorses higher network capacity while maintaining a fast and steady connection. This means that even if you have multiple devices connected to the network and functions simultaneously, let us say you have a smart home,  you still won’t be experiencing delay or slowing down of connection.

So what are the implications of having this advanced network technology today? What could be the advantages we could get with this promising innovation? Here are some of the effects of having 5G that would surely be noticeable.

Driving Force of Business Growth

We are now living in the digital world where everything is almost just one click away. Businesses were forced to set up their establishments in the virtual world because it is where people usually spend most of their time now. Aside from the fact that more people nowadays are in the confines of their homes as part of the new normal, shopping and buying online is more convenient since you don’t have to spend energy and gas to go to the physical store.

With the advent of 5G network technology, transactions will now be more faster and reliable which is a good thing for online businesses. Customers usually leave the store’s page when the page loads slowly or when the responses of the page administrators are delayed or late. Fast and reliable are the keywords for online businesses. 5G would also enable better interaction with customers since there would be faster response time to the customers.

Faster Response Time During Emergencies

Now more than ever, authorities should be able to respond faster to save people’s lives with the vast markets of advanced technologies we have.

Communication is very critical during emergency response situations. Each second is important and must not be wasted. It is also with the stable and clear communication that people in emergency situations could feel that there is nothing to worry about because help is coming.

Emergency responders need to be quick and agile. Detecting and navigating the location of the emergency on point and in time is a crucial step of the process. Since emergencies are happening real time, real time sharing, receiving, and retrieving  of information must be put into consideration.

5G enabled devices would help rescuers and responders do their job efficiently and quickly by offering a wide range of features. Navigating streets and buildings would be easier through a faster and steady connection to navigational apps and softwares. Communication between responders to responders is also vital to successfully execute the plan while keeping themselves safe. Through the use of 5G connections, emergency response could be revolutionized by improving communicational aspects and stretching access on devices that could utilize the fast internet speed.

Quality Entertainment And Leisure Time

Watching Netflix would never be boring now since 5G enables faster download and upload of data. 5G promise a higher network capacity that would enable multiple devices connecting to the internet all at once.

One Step Behind AIs

This new generation mobile network also seems to push automotives and artificial intelligence to its peak. With the higher multi-gbps data speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, 5G could enable the efficient and effective usage of BOTS during dangerous situations or emergency responses.

The same is true with the self-driving cars that are already heating up their engines, waiting to touch the roads. The steady connectivity promised by 5G would enable real-time analysis of road infrastructures and communication with nearby vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence requires massive amounts of data to be able to produce reliable information and more profound understanding to human responses. The higher network capacity of 5G provides AIs a chance to improve their functions and develop features that could possibly bring the AI technology a step higher. 


For now, we could only barely grasp some of the possible useful applications of 5G connection in our modern day society. The full potential of this promising network connection and its effects would only be seen and felt once it has been fully launched in the real world scheme. Since it is still only available in some areas, we can not fully comprehend and evaluate its capacity and efficiency in performance.

We can grasp some of the possible useful applications of 5G connection but the full potential will only be realised once it's fully launched in real world scheme.