• What does 5G offer?
  • Why is 5G a game-changer in the mobile industry?
  • 5G Wi-Fi Versus Earlier Mobile Network Generations

What is 5G Wi-Fi? The 5th generation mobile network, 5G Wi-Fi, launched to the public, offering a better way to connect and communicate. The new technology can change our lifestyle - how we work, play, and enjoy while living a safer, more efficient, and smarter life.

Ericsson played a significant contribution to the conceptualization and materialization of this idea. The company set the requirements, created standards, developed what the service offers, and created a new and modern eco-system for communication technology. 5G is bound to create new opportunities for society and change how people and businesses work.

What does 5G offer?

As technology continues to evolve and change, this generation begins to welcome new connectivity systems aimed to bring better services to adapt to the demands of our changing world. Mobile data traffic increases tremendously every year and is estimated to multiply by 5 in the next five years. An increase in demand requires better communication networks and services, a feat the current 4G network will fail to keep up with.

As the new 5G Wi-Fi mobile network is introduced, an enhanced mobile broadband experience created for smartphone users can be expected. It aims to fix wireless access and provide better speeds, through fiber connection at work and in households. 5G smartphones have been around since 2019 and will continue to offer your money in the coming years.

On top of fast and reliable wireless internet connection for mobile devices, 5G Wi-Fi can allow users to download full-length movies in seconds. Reinventing industries, people, and the world at large becomes even more possible and sustainable with the promise 5G offers.

Why is 5G a game-changer in the mobile industry?

Improved network connection experience from 5G networks is the dramatic offering this new technology offers. Disruptions, while sharing videos, even in crowded areas, will never be an issue. Mobile device users can enjoy high-quality videos and make the most out of the feature their devices offer without having to deal with buffers and lack of connectivity. A faster, safer, and stable mobile internet connection is what 5G brings to the table. 

New services and experiences are also bound to be introduced in this system. More capabilities, efficiently executed with increased data capacities, bring better performance for users. 

Communication service providers are also allowed to improve their business through 5G. Better communication services, cost-efficient data bundles, and enhanced mobile broadband will enable ten times lower gigabyte cost compared to the later 4G network.

Revenue streaming opportunities through the digitalization of industries is another feature businesses can explore through 5G. Growth in the market is highly possible, with increased revenues through new digital business models in the unique ecosystem 5G offers. A wave of innovation featuring the hottest trends in technology - Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things becomes even more exciting through the technology 5g Wi-Fi brings to the world.

5G Wi-Fi Versus Earlier Mobile Network Generations

The very first mobile network, 1G, was introduced in the 1980s and featured analogue voice. To improve communication, 2G was introduced, offering cleared platforms for transmission via the digital voice introduction made possible through Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA.

Mobile data was introduced a decade after in the early 2000s. Users get to connect to the internet through their mobile devices, a huge leap this generation enjoyed during that time. Another decade after, in 2010, 4G was later introduced alongside mobile broadband. Fast, easily accessible, and life-changing features came together with this new technology.

The launch of 5G in 2019 even offered something bigger and better to today's mobile device users. It provides extended capacities the 4G network did not possess, with next-generation experiences and new services to explore and enjoy. It can alter and deliver more significant impacts to industries, create safer transportation for men, better remote healthcare options, new technologies for agriculture, improvements in digital logistics, and many more.

What are the advantages of 5G mobile networks?

Downloading is faster for 5G powered mobile devices. You can even download on the go without having to worry about lags and lost connection issues. Uploads also become more efficient. Send your document to the cloud in seconds, post that selfie in a snap, and enjoy online music, video, and podcast anywhere at any time.

As mobile data demands increase, "traffic" in the system can be a significant issue. The increased demand may require additional lines to improve spectrum bandwidth while increasing mobile data capacities. 5G brings this as an additional advantage, offering better performance and faster data speed, even in crowded or remote areas.

Response time is drastically improved. The delay between processing and transmitting data on network devices is eliminated, bringing better performance and experience for gamers, industrial automation, and other types of Artificial Intelligence.

Critical healthcare will become available even for rural areas. They can receive the level of care that the bigger cities enjoy in their small towns. 5G mobile connectivity makes it possible for healthcare providers in rural areas to access real-time instruction from their counterpart healthcare providers in the city and with the most exceptional surgeons in the world. 5G can indeed connect lives and save lives.

Cloud computing services will welcome experiences close to Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, now on digital devices through 5G connectivity. The burden for high-intensity and critical loads are minimized, while latencies are eliminated. Mobile devices may perform these tasks, especially those with higher processing powers than the average mobile devices.

Welcoming 5G into Your Lives

5G wireless technology is here to stay. 3G and 4G will still be available to the general public, but 5G will become the leader in high-quality mobile network connectivity. Wireless mobile technology will enjoy better telecommunication experience and data transmission and deliver exceptional communication and connection service to mobile devices. Entertainment becomes even more enjoyable, even on the go.

5G commits to deliver complete digital connectivity to mobile networks, a new-world experience that will bring bright changes to how we enjoy the digital world.