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  • What's gaming like on the A90?
  • A 32MP camera for selifies? Yes please

For those who aren’t big fans of the iOS phones, Android devices are definitely the top choice, and among the many manufacturers of these smartphones, Samsung comes on top. 

The Korean brand has made its mark and is one of the most prominent and most respected tech companies. It offers a wide variety of electronic products, from home appliances to gadgets like smartphones and tablets. One of the later offerings they have is the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G smartphone.

In this guide, you will know more about the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy A90 Specifications
  • Design and Display
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Camera
  • Battery Life
  • Pricing and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A90 Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy A90 is a mid-level phone that has some excellent specs for anyone who is not a big fan of high-end devices or does not have the budget for one. Out of the box, the device is excellent for everyday use.

At a glance, here are the specifications of this Samsung smartphone:

  • Physical Dimensions
    • Weight - 206g
    • Dimensions - 164.8mm x 76.4mm x 8.4mm
  • Display
    • 6.7 inches screen display
    • 1080p x 2400px
    • 393 PPI
  • Camera
    • Triple camera system
    • Rear camera - 48MP + 5MP + 8MP
    • Rear camera aperture size - f/2.0 + f/2.2 + f/2.2
    • 4K video recording
    • Front camera - 32MP
    • Front camera aperture size - f/2.0
  • Storage, power, and battery
    • 128GB internal storage
    • Up to 512GB expandable storage
    • Octa-core
    • Android 9
    • 6GB RAM
    • 4,500 mAh
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    • NFC - Yes
  • Features
    • Fingerprint sensor

Design and Display

The company has a uniformed design for all its Galaxy A-series, which means the A90 model also sports the Infinity U design or what is commonly known as the teardrop notch. It also has slimmer bezels on the side and the bottom of the phone.

Samsung has manufactured the device in black and white. However, Australia has no choice in colour as the only one available for sale is the black version. 

Nevertheless, it’s simple back design and color makes it perfect for anyone. Plus, tons of hard cases for this phone allow people to customize their phones and provide extra protection against dents and scratches.

When it comes to the display, the Galaxy A90 has an AMOLED 6.7-inch display with 1080p x 2400px, which translates to 393 PPI. This device allows you to experience excellent colour reproduction, improving your experience when you’re streaming videos or playing games.

The device has a built-in fingerprint sensor, but instead of putting it on the back or at the sides, it’s available in-display.

Unfortunately, for those who like wired headphones, you would have to transition to wireless ones as Samsung has removed the headphone jacks for this device.


As with many of its flagship devices, Samsung offers Galaxy A90 either with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor or equivalent to its own Exynos processor. However, the company doesn’t really tell what the device will have. The only clue they have given is that the device will run on an Octa-core processor with a maximum of 2.84GHz + 2.42GHz + 1.8GHz.

But some experts believe it will come with Exynos 9810, which can also be found on the Galaxy S10. The rest of the world will then get a device powered with Snapdragon 855.

No matter what processor you get, the device packs a powerful processing capability that is way ahead of its competitors in the mid-range pack. You can smoothly play massive games and even multi-task.

It already runs on Android 9 and has 6GB RAM. The 5G version available in Australia comes with 128GB internal storage, but you can expand it up to 512GB through an external storage device.


The Samsung Galaxy A90 has an available 5G support, which means it has a faster internet connection than 4G. If you want seamless streaming, internet surfing, and online gaming, the device can definitely support that.

You can get the phone via phone bundles through internet service providers like Telstra. You’ll get a monthly capped data that you can use to connect online. Plans also come with unlimited calls and texts.

Of course, you can also connect online via Wi-Fi if you have wireless broadband at home.

Smartphones these days are created to allow people to go online, so the Galaxy A90 is no different.


Samsung has always been praised for its phones’ cameras, so if you’re the type of person who enjoys taking selfies and groufies, the device’s 32MP selfie camera will entice you. Or if you’re into camera photography, its triple camera system with a 48MP primary lens is enough to take decent photos, especially outdoors, where there is more natural light.

The Galaxy A90 has three lenses, but you can only use two lenses to capture images. Nevertheless, besides the 48MP f/2.0 main camera lens, it’s also equipped with a secondary 8MP f/2.2 ultrawide lens that works best for capturing landscape and group photos, plus there’s a 5MP depth sensor lens.

The front camera is located on the Infinity U notch and is great at taking selfies even indoors.

There’s really nothing innovative with the camera of the Galaxy A90, but for a mid-range phone, it has everything you will need.

Battery Life

With 4,500 mAh, this device’s battery life is actually pretty good. It could last you nearly a day of use, especially if you adjust the settings that can save battery. However, you can expect it to drain quickly when you’re using it and its 5G data continuously.

So far, the device has done nothing but impress as a mid-range device, but if there’s any downside, it’s that the device doesn’t support wireless charging yet. But it does support 25W fast charging, and that the charger comes in the box.

Price and Availability

So, how much is the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device?

In Australia, people can get it for $1,049--which isn’t exactly as cheap as its competitors in the mid-range pack. But it does have amazing specs, so be prepared to shell out a little more.

You can get it via Samsung or Amazon or ISPs that carry it like Telstra or Optus.