• What is a 5G Hub?
  • How does Pocket Wi-Fi compare to the NBN?
  • Are the HTC 5G Hub specs any good?

Having an internet connection is now considered a necessity as more and more people entail the need to connect to the internet to fulfill a variety of functions. This is true regardless of whether you are at home, in the office, or even on the go.

It is fortunate if all your mobile devices have the capability to connect to the data network. However, if your mobile devices are limited to the need for a Wi-Fi network for an internet connection, then you need a hub with you to ensure that you will be able to surf the web through your mobile device wherever you go.

In line with this, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the HTC 5G Hub.

In this review, you’ll find:

  • Specifications
  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Pricing and Availability


Product Name: HTC 5G Hub
Display Size: 5 inches
Resolution: 720x1280
PPI: 293
Processor: Snapdragon 885
Storage: 32GB (expandable)
Operating System: Android 9
Battery: 7660mAh
Dimensions: 129x100x43mm
Weight: 340g


For a pocket Wi-Fi, the HTC 5G hub is relatively larger compared to other pockets in the market. It has a dimension of 129x100x43mm and it weighs 340g. To date, it is one of the heaviest 5G devices available as well. The big size and heavy weight of the device are because of its battery, as well as its 5-inch display.

You will be able to find the power button at the top of the device. At the back, you will be able to find the USB C, SIM card slot, as well as the Ethernet. The hub is wrapped with a fine fabric finish around its sides. Overall, while it can be considered as too large to miss for most pockets, its display gives it an edge over other hotspots.


When you first power up the HTC 5G hub you will see a typical standard hotspot interface. Thus, through the display, you will see the dials for the number of connected devices, as well as the current signal strength. 

Alongside this, you will also see the network name and password by default, which you can share effortlessly. Nevertheless, if you don't want to share your SSID and password to others, then you can modify the configuration in the device settings to hide it.

The great news is that the HTC 5G hub is unlike any other hotspots because it has Android compatibility, making it more flexible. With this, you will be able to install a mail app, allowing you to check on your emails. You can even install a streaming app to watch your favorite shows or even play games through the hub. While it runs many Android apps, it doesn't run all that are available.


The hub runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which makes it quite a powerful device. It is also equipped with 4GB of RAM, as well as 32GB of internal storage. You have the option of boosting its internal storage with a microSD as necessary.

While the 5G network boasts of amazing speeds, its availability is still currently limited. Even within the areas where the 5G network is already available, connecting to it still proves to be quite tricky. Thus, the speeds can be somehow underwhelming and patchy because of these mishaps in the 5G coverage.

Unfortunately, the HTC 5G hub display doesn't show when it has already fallen out of the 5G area. This means that it lacks the ability to track 5G connectivity properly.

There are even instances wherein it displays that it is connected to the 5G network when the reality is that it has already fallen over to the 4G network. This is because the HTC 5G Hub is also a category 20 4G LTE hub, which means that when you cannot connect to a 5G network, it automatically routes you to an available 4G network to ensure that your connection isn't disrupted. 

Battery Life

The HTC 5G hub has an amazing battery life, thanks to its beefed-up 7660mAh battery. If the hub was a phone, this battery is considerably the largest there is in the market. Although this can explain why the hub has quite a large size.

Nonetheless, with a 7660mAh battery, you will have enough power to keep it running for several hours. However, the period of time that it can supply data depends on the number of devices that you connect to it. Overall, you will be able to connect up to 20 devices to the hub at the same time, but of course, the more gadgets you connect, the more power it will use up.

The socket of its charger also proves to be somehow inconvenient because it is rounded sideways, obscuring multiple sockets on a powerboard or covering a wall socket entirely. However, it charges the battery really fast because of its 12V level. 

The hub also has a multidirectional USB port that you can use to charge up the device at a 9V level. The same port also allows you to power up other devices. Just keep in mind that you may experience some inherent power loss in the overall power.

Pricing and Availability

In some locations over the globe, the HTC 5G hub is available on contract terms only. Nevertheless, you will have a couple of plans to choose from wherein you will pay a little less than a hundred dollars a month.

The Bottomline

So, should you buy the HTC 5G hub?

With all the functionality that you can get from the hub, it sure comes with a hefty price. So unless you are in dire need to connect to a 5G network, then it is better to put off buying this device just yet. But this should not overshadow the fact that it is a wonderful hub, only that you will be able to maximize its capabilities once the 5G network is already made available to more areas.