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When it comes to smartphones, Oppo isn't really as popular as Apple and Samsung--but the company does offer a wide variety of entry-level and budget phones. By 2018, it entered the flagship world with the Oppo Find X, but it still wasn't enough to entice smartphone users.

Now, the smartphone manufacturer has created Oppo Reno, which now supports 5G future networks, along with an abundance of some great specs and features. In general, Oppo was able to create a better phone.

If it's something you're interested in, it's essential to know more about it. In this guide, you will learn more about the following:

  • Oppo Reno 5G Specifications
  • Design and Display
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Camera
  • Battery Life
  • Pricing and Availability

Oppo Reno 5G Specifications

On a glance, here are the specifications of this device:

  • Physical Dimensions
    • Weight - 215g
    • Dimensions - 162mm x 77.2mm x 9.3mm
  • Display
    • 6.6-inch screen display
    • 1080p x 2340px
    • 390 PPI
  • Storage, performance, and battery
    • 256GB
    • Up to 256GB external storage support
    • Qualcomm SDM855
    • Android 9
    • 8GB
    • 4,065mAh
  • Camera
    • Triple camera system
    • Rear camera: 48MP + 8MP + 13MP
    • Rear camera aperture size: f/1.7 + f/2.2 + f/3.0
    • 1080p video recording
    • Front camera: 16MP
    • Front camera aperture size: f/2.0
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    • NFC - Yes
  • Device Features
    • Fingerprint sensor

Design and Display

The Oppo Reno is quite a unique phone when it comes to aesthetics. One glance and all you can really see is an entire screen as they take the "full-screen" literally.

While most devices still have notches, even with the punch-hole design, the Oppo Reno doesn't have any. It has a seamless screen display without any sort of distraction in the front. So, does it have a front camera?

It actually does. The front-facing camera is located on a pop-up fin mechanism that slides out on top of the device whenever you need it. But because of its design, you have to be more careful with it, especially with rain and water, as the phone is clearly not water-resistant.

Moreover, there's quite a delay when the fin pops up, so you'll want to note that whenever you take a selfie or a groufie.

With the pop-up mechanism, everything you need is at the phone base, including the SIM tray and the speaker. The power and volume buttons are on the sides. But as with many phones these days, the Oppo Reno is missing the headphones jack, which is quite an issue if you're used to wired headphones.

The phone has a sort of dark emerald green colour, which some may find attractive. If you're not fond of the color, you can definitely cover it with a hardcover or a plastic case. Nevertheless, the colour is quite right and has sort of a luxurious vibe to it.

The array of rear cameras sits vertically in the center of the phone's back, right at the top. The lenses do have some sort of elevation to avoid scratches.

The front of the phone is made from Gorilla Glass 6, which is a beast when it comes to protection. Meanwhile, the back is made from Gorilla Glass 5, so there's definitely some extra protection from scratches and dents.


When it comes to performance, the device won't be left behind, primarily as it's powered by a powerful processor.

Oppo Reno is run by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 8GB RAM. The phone is perfect for multi-tasking and even some heavy-duty use. If you're into mobile gaming, the device can handle almost any games, even the most massive ones, without freezing. It's also able to launch the apps quite fast.

The storage is also at 256GB, which is actually hard to fill up even with a variety of games and endless photos and some videos. However, if you do run out of space, you can expand with a microSD up to another 256GB, something that its predecessor, Find X, wasn't able to achieve.

Overall, Oppo Reno is a great choice for an everyday phone.


Oppo Reno now supports 5G, making it easier to use with future networks and offers a faster internet connection than 4G. It's also easy to connect to wireless internet at home or anywhere with a safe connection.

Of course, you can also use mobile data, and if you get the device via a phone bundle on internet service providers like Telstra, Optus, or TPG, you can get a subscription to a monthly capped data, starting as low as 5GB per month to bigger data at 200GB.

Basically, you can use the device to easily connect to the net and stream videos, use social media, research, or play online games.


Among the features that Oppo Reno is boasting is its camera system.

The device has a triple camera system with a 48MP f/1.7 main sensor, along with an 8MP f/2.2 wide angle lens, and the highlight: a 13MP f/3.0 5x optical zoom that has a periscope approach, allowing it to work with the primary lens for 10x "Hybrid" zoom. Basically, this will enable you to take clearer photos of distant objects up-close.

You could push the limits and zoom up to 60x, but the quality drops as you zoom closer.

The selfie camera pops up on an angled pop-up fin mechanism. But don't let it fool you as your selfie won't be taken in that angle, so just pose as you would normally pose with a standard notch phone. Nevertheless, it does have some delays when popping up.

Battery Life

At 4,065 mAh and a full-screen display, the device fares rather well when it comes to battery life. It does last several hours, but if you want to prolong its battery life, you can adjust the settings to a battery saving mode.

The device does not support wireless charging at the moment.

Price and Availability

Oppo Reno 5G is available on eBay and JB Hi-Fi for $1,499. Or as aforementioned, you can also get it via internet service providers through phone bundles.