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Game changers in the television industry, streaming services, and paid televisions have dominated many households in Australia and the rest of the world. Although free-to-air networks are still entertaining and enjoyable, we can never deny the amount of entertainment, ease of access, and mobility we all enjoy through paid streaming channels.

Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, CBS's 10 All Access, Amazon Prime Video, Kayo, Disney+, and Apple TV+ are some of the top streaming subscription services and significant players in the Australian market. Interestingly, you can enjoy all these streaming services, all in one plan through Pay TV.

Pay TV is a subscription television service that allows households to enjoy all their streaming channels in one place. Pay TV can be available with internet bundles or on top of your current internet service provider that allows Australian households to enjoy access to unique programming services and premium channels in Australia.

Learn more about what Pay TV is, what it offers, and how it changed the home television viewing experience of today's generation.

What is Pay TV?

Pay TV is a service that became available to the Australian television landscape in 1995. It is a television service that requires a subscription or a monthly fee to access. The service is available through different internet service providers, but generally provides access to several premium television channels that are not free-to-air. It was just a concept decades ago that eventually became a staple in most Australian households nowadays.

A transmission is processed via a network of fibre and analogue cables, through the internet service and via a transmission device or a dedicated television satellite dish installed in your households to access these premium channels.

Among the top Pay TV providers in Australia include Foxtel and Fetch. These two fall on the top spots for being the most preferred Pay TV in the country. Telstra TV is another big player in the Pay TV subscription service in the country.

How to Get Pay TV in Australia

A subscription is your ticket to get access to a Pay TV service in Australia. Plans available from different subscribers may require a contract, usually bundled with an internet service. Some Pay TV providers may require a one-time payment to set a top box to your homes to carry the service. Other options on the other hand only requires an internet connection to be able to access these premium channels.

Pay TV Providers in Australia


Foxtel offers the Entertainment Channel package that will cost you around $29 a a month. The service includes additional movies, sport channels, drama channels which will cost you around $10 to $29 on top of your monthly subscription bill - depending on the number of channels added to your current service.

Setting up requires a set-top box, an iQ3 and iQ4 hub for viewing, pay-per-view needs, and recording. There are currently three types of Foxtel iQ boxes available. Each box differs according to the maximum video resolution available and compatible services. It can be bundled with Telstra broadband plans or together with Foxtel's own broadband plans.


Fetch Pay TV is available via iiNET as a free service for its selected plans. Other plans that do not include Fetch TV Pay will allow you access for an additional service fee of $5 a month. A complete Fetch Pay TV subscription includes the set up of the Fetch Mini set-top box, 30 movies a month and access to catch-up television shows - 9Now and SBS On Demand to name a few.

Some streaming channels are only exclusive to Fetch's Pay TV Services. To enjoy these channels on top of the regular premium channels included in your Pay TV and internet bundle, you will have to purchase Fetch Channel Packs for $6 a month per channel or avail the ultimate bundle for $20 per month to get access to all these premium channels.

Optus TV by Fetch

Optus TV by Fetch offers an additional bonus for free -  Optus Sport subscription, a streaming service that can be only accessed via a direct subscription or as a bundle together with Optus TV. It also features English Premier League games as well as international sport matches. The service is almost similar to Fetch via iiNet except for the additional sports channel.

A subscription includes the Fetch Mighty set-top box, one premium channel pacl and the exclusive Optus Sport subscription.

Telstra TV

Telstra TV is a streaming hardware. The set-top box allows you to watch content from streaming channels such as Netflix and Stan, only if you have prior existing subscriptions for these two. Catch-up channels such as 7Plus and 9Now are also available together with the device, but require a separate subscription per channel.

Best Pay TV Deals Available via CompareBroadband

Compare Broadband features a number of Pay TV providers. Depending on your location, you can enjoy Pay TV services via MyRepublic, Aussie Broadband, Belong, TPG, Dodo and Optus. The diverse options makes it easier for you to pick the most suitable broadband plan perfect for your streaming needs, budget, TV viewing habits, and location.

Here are some of the best Pay TV deals available in Australia:

iiNET Broadband Plan + Fetch TV Bundle

The Off-Net 200GB iiNET broadband plan includes line rental, features up to 20Mbpps speed with a month to month contract. Minimum cost for subscription is $79.99. The modem is optional but will cost you $59.95 if available via iiNET with an additional modem delivery fee of $10.00.

The iiNET Unlimited NBN100 Broadband Plan features unlimited data with premium speeds of 100Mbps and available at $99.99 a month. Initial set-up will cost you $659.93 which includes the cost of the modem, modem delivery fee and the initial 6 months advanced subscription fee of $599.94.

With an additional $5, get a Fetch TV Bundle that includes set top box, easy watch apps, 30 movies in a month, and access to premium channels. Check out this page for the complete TV options.

Optus NBN Plan + Pay TV Bundle

Optus 90 NBN Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan features unlimited data with speeds up to 50Mbps. The internet service can be bundled with a home phone with a minimum total cost of $90 a month. Initial setup requires a $99 start-up fee plus an additional $252 for the Ultra Wifi Modem.

The Optus 90 ADSL2+ Internet Entertainment Bundle Plan is exactly the same as the Optus 90 NBN Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan except for its guaranteed speed of up to 20Mbps.

Optus is also available via Cable plans, the Optus 90 Cable Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan and the Optus 110 Cable Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan. The former offers speeds of  up to 50Mbps with an initial minimum cost of $441 for initial set-up with a monthly fee of $90.

Optus110 Cable Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan also features unlimited data with speeds of up to 100Mbps and a minimum start-up installation cost of $461. Service is available at $110 per month.

Optus 120 NBN Internet Entertainer Bundle Plan commits a premium speed of 100Mbps with an initial setup cost of $471. Monthly fee for the service is available at $120 a month.

Visit this page for the complete TV streaming options, including Fetch, Optus Sport, Netflix, etc.

Aussie Broadband NBN Plan with Fetch TV

Aussie Broadband's Unlimited Family+ NBN plan plus Fetch TV - Premium Speed has a guaranteed unlimited data access with a speed of 100Mbps. The service is only available via broadband with requires a 1 month advance service fee of $109.

With this plan, you can watch newly released movies and TV shows with Fetch TV. See the complete inclusions of the bundle here.

Final Thoughts 

Defining the best Pay TV provider in Australia depends on your viewing choices and habits. An ultimate premium access might always sound like the best option but there are actually plenty of choices, best for your needs and budget. Make your streaming even more enjoyable by seeking the best Pay TV plan and service suited best for your needs.

Binge watching movies, your favourite television series or your favourite live sports games is now available at home, quick and easy via Pay TV. Watch at your own pace or simply click the pause button when you need to without missing a second of your favourite television show. Pay TV is indeed one of the best things that happened together with fast internet service in Australia.

You can easily compare other Pay TV plans and deals here. If you have questions or can't decide which bundle suits you best, you can call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571. We will be more than happy to assist you.