Most Australian broadband internet providers offer a range of included extras when you sign up to a broadband internet plan. Extras can include online TV, free webspace, spam and virus filters, email accounts, free uploads and online gaming space. All providers also offer an account login where you can manage your data usage and edit your details online.

Telstra Bigpond

Telstra Bigpond offers their broadband internet customers a range of extras including unmetered content from Bigpond music, movies sport and games. This means if you access content on these sites, it doesn’t count toward your monthly data quota.

Bigpond also offers a discount on a security pack that includes content filtering, email virus protection, Spam filters, anti-virus software and a personal firewall. There are also a range of extra paid services, including premium technical support and web hosting. Every Bigpond customer receives 10MB of blog space and up to 15 email address. Customers can create their own “BigBlog,” a free blogging service from Bigpond featuring a variety of themes and layouts.


Dodo broadband customers can purchase Dodo anti-virus and anti-spam software for $2.50 a month.  Dodo also offers up to 30 email addresses and 30MB of webspace to all its broadband internet subscribers.


iiNet offers all their broadband internet subscribers up to 10 email addresses and a huge 1GB of webspace. iiNet also offers their customer use of the Freezone where you can download without using any of your monthly data usage. The Freezone offers free access to sport, music, movies, online TV, online radio, and game servers.ABC iView is unmetered with iiNet. iiNet customers can access up to 10 iiNet email accounts which feature premium anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.


All Exetel broadband subscribers receive up to 20 email addresses, a static IP address and 200MB of web hosting. Exetel customers get 100 free VoIP calls to all ADSL, ADSL2+ and naked broadband subscribers as well as a personalised blog space.


Internode offers all their ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL customers a free dial up account, up to 50MB free webspace and up to five email accounts. Internode’s email accounts come with Spam blocking and virus filtering software. ABC iView and FetchTV content is unmetered.


TPG offers all their broadband ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL subscribers up to 20 free email addresses and 30MB of free webspace. All customers get a static IP address and TPG’s online TV service, IPTV.

Customers who get a TPG home phone broadband and bundle deal can access features such as call barring, number display, call line identification, call waiting and call forwarding at no extra charge.


iPrimus offers up to five free email addresses and 10MB of webspace to all their broadband internet subscribers. iPrimus also offers a comprehensive Broadband Account Toolbox where you can check your internet usage, purchase top-up usage, pay your bill or upgrade your plan. Technical support is available 24/7, and ABC iView content is unmetered.


Optus offers their broadband customers up to five email addresses for no extra cost. 10MB of webspace is also included in all Optus broadband plans.Customers that sign up with Optus for 24 months online get free delivery and a free modem.