Broadband Speed Tests

A Speed Test allows broadband users to measure the actual download and upload speeds of their internet connection.

Whether you have wireless mobile broadband, ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL or Cable broadband, you will almost never achieve the actual speed of the plan you subscribe to. There are a number of reasons for this speed loss that will depend on the type of broadband you have, your location and the hardware you use.

ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL

In an ADSL, ADSL2+ or  Naked DSL connection broadband data is transferred from the telephone exchange in your area to your house via the copper wire that connects your home phone service. As data deteriorates the further it travels along this copper wire, the further you are from your local exchange, the slower your broadband speed becomes.
The result is that even though you may subscribe to a 1500kbps broadband plan, a decay in speed will mean the actual speeds you receive will be less than this. If you live within 5 kilometres of your phone exchange you will still receive reasonable broadband speeds. Beyond five kilometres your broadband provider may not be able to provide a service as the data loss is too high. In this situation you would be better subscribing to a wireless of mobile broadband plan.
A Speed Test, like the test available at Compare Broadband, will allow you to evaluate the actual speeds you are receiving. If the actual speed is significantly lower than what you are paying for there may be a problem with your connection and you should contact your broadband provider to check you line. If your provider cannot resolve your slow internet speed you may consider comparing other providers to find a better value ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL broadband plan.

Cable Broadband

Cable broadband speeds are not as dependant on location but speed issues can be less than the plan you subscribe to due to network demand. If you are a cable broadband subscriber and there are a high volume of cable subscribers in your area, this can affect your broadband speed. Cable broadband will share available bandwidth with other online users in your area. Again, an online Speed Test should be your first stop to find out what actual download and upload speeds you are receiving and if the speeds are well below what you are paying for you will need to contact your broadband provider to address the problem.

Mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband utilises the extensive mobile phone network in Australia to provide a wireless  broadband service. This means the speed of your wireless broadband will depend on the mobile network coverage in the area you are using your broadband service. Before signing up to a mobile broadband plan you should always check the coverage in your area with the broadband provider. An online speediest can help you find out the actual speeds you are receiving. Speed will be affected by your location and the network demand.