Home phone and Broadband bundle

  • Bundling your home phone and broadband
  • Simplify your services by bundling them together
  • Take advantage of bundling discounts

The Simple Life


For the greatest convenience and ease in managing your broadband, look no further than broadband bundles.

By bundling your home phone and Internet together with one provider, the savings and benefits are endless.

Installation costs are minimised through the use of an existing telephone line for subscription to the Internet service, as well as total costs for both services through collating them with one provider. 

Doing so also means the quality of the services from the sole provider are consistent across both utilities. 

Saving time and effort on your part, bundling your services also means you receive just one consolidated bill and that you only need to deal with one company should things need fixing.

Bundles are a fantastic solution for those looking for quality and convenience in their home utilities. 

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