How do I stop my iPhone battery from draining fast?

  • Your average iPhone battery has the lifespan of a soap bubble.
  • Your battery will invariably die when you need it most.
  • Turning off your GPS saves battery, but turning off your GPS isn't always an option!

Dying iPhone Battery | Compare Broadband

Ever notice that your iPhone battery chooses the worst times to get sleepy? If you're anything like me, you'll be running late for an important meeting, or a hot date, or a hot meeting, or maybe even a top secret mission involving international espionage, and then WHAM! All of a sudden your iPhone tells you that it's on 5% battery. What do you do? Especially if, again, like me, you still vitally need the GPS, and the music, and the social media, and all 7 internet articles you're reading about 90's cartoons?  Well, here are 4 quick tips to help you get through it... 


A modern iPhone should automatically switch to Lower Power Mode when it sinks to 20%, but let's face it, by the time your phone hits 20%, it's already on its last legs. As such, if you notice your power dwindling, it's wise to be proactive and make the switch to Low Power Mode manually. It's super easy. Simply...

. Go to your Settings. 
. Go to Battery. 
. Turn on Low Power Mode. 

Done! But hey, while you're in there, scroll down so you can... 


The Battery section will also show you what proportion of your iPhone's battery is being used by each app in the last 24 hours (or last 5 days, if you're interested). This is the quickest way to find out which App has their hand in your proverbial cookie jar. Of course, there's always the chance the culprit could be a nearby person sapping up your wi-fi. In which case... 


If you've accidentally left your hotspot on, it leaves it vulnerable to nearby Good-Time Charlies who are more than happy to leech off your sweet, sweet data rather than getting their own in a snap. Well the PARTY'S OVER, CHARLIES. All we gotta do is...

. Go to Settings.
. Go to Personal Hotspot.
. Slide that baby OFF.  


A brighter screen will also suck up your juice, so in a bind, dial it down. Simply...

. Go to Settings. 
. Go to Display & Brightness
. Slide that bad boy to the left. 

(FYI, reducing your screen brightness an hour or two before bed is also going to help your tender brain and precious eyeballs when it's time for sleep.) 

Hopefully these tip are gonna keep you and your phone going until you do what needs to be done! Good luck with all your hot espionage meetings, and may the sun never quite set on your dwindling iPhone battery life.  

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