• Depending on the service, connection times can vary.
  • Mobile wireless is usually quicker to set up than NBN.
  • There are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

When establishing a new NBN broadband connection, the last thing you want is a lengthy setup process. Imagine being without the Internet, unable to stream music, shows, movies, or games. 

In our tech-driven world, being disconnected for more than a few days is hard to deal with. The activation time varies among Internet Service Providers (ISPs). While some plans activate within days, others may take longer. 

Factors like the type of NBN plan and the inclusion of a home phone affect the activation duration. Check out our rough guide below for estimated activation times with popular ISPs. Keep in mind that these are approximations, and actual timelines may vary. For more insights, consider reaching out to Compare Broadband.

How long does it take to set up wireless broadband?

Let’s start off with Mobile Wireless Broadband, which is pretty straightforward. As soon as your modem/SIM is delivered, you will be able to activate your service. 

Many providers do next-day delivery, whilst others may take a couple of days to deliver the hardware to your home. 

Generally, setting up Mobile Wireless is a quick, painless, and a rather efficient process. 

What about an NBN broadband connection?

Setting up an NBN broadband connection typically takes longer than a Mobile Wireless Broadband connection, but most homes are now NBN ready.

If your property already has NBN equipment, activation can be as quick as 48-72 hours. Providers often prioritise fast transfers, with downtime averaging four working days, potentially as quick as two. 

Contact your provider's tech support for updates after the transfer. For personalised advice, consider reaching out to the Compare Broadband team.

Can I speed up the process?

Typically, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) follows a standard process for Internet connection activation, but you can adopt strategies to expedite the process. Here are some tips:

  • Opt for direct debit with a credit card during sign-up. This speeds up payment processing and, consequently, broadband activation. Ensure accurate payment details and sufficient funds to avoid delays.
  • Supply accurate address details. Match the address on your broadband application with the exact address in the ISP's database. Precise alignment is crucial for NBN application processing.
  • Consider churning. If you have an existing broadband connection, explore the option of churning to another ISP. Churning involves minimal downtime (usually a few hours) and potentially quicker plan changeovers. It might also save you money on setup costs. ISPs generally assist with the churning process, making it a seamless transition to your new broadband connection.

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